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Traveling to Barbados from the US?

If you’re planning a Caribbean trip to Barbados from the US, entry may have just become quite easier for you!

This is thanks to an agreement between the Government of Barbados and an American laboratory StageZero Life Sciences, which will allow visitors traveling to Barbados from the US and Canada to have their COVID-19 PCR tests expedited via a mobile healthcare professional.

The lab guarantees prospective test results back in 48 hours or fewer, allowing travelers to Barbados the ability to meet the island’s entry requirement of having a COVID-19 PCR test done three days prior to arrival on the island.

If you’re one, who like many, have found it difficult finding a location to get a test for travel and getting those results back in 3 days, Barbados’ Minister of tourism and international transport, Senator the Hon. Lisa Cummins, said this is a valuable solution for you.

She added: “This partnership with StageZero Life Sciences is going to be able to give us coverage across the entire United States and Canadian markets, to ensure we are able to get persons to travel to Barbados. Our diaspora, our guests—people who want to be able to come to Barbados for the winter season—will be able to come and get their test prior to embarkation at their gateway, and then arrive in Barbados safely before having their second test here on island,” she added.

The company has concierge testing services across a national network of mobile healthcare providers in the US and Canada. Travelers will first have to visit StageZero’s website and order as many tests as needed, at least 7 days in advance. The mobile healthcare provider will then travel to your home and draw nasopharyngeal swabs, ship samples to the lab and then have results sent to you by encrypted email. The PDF test results in this email can then be uploaded to the government’s website. Be sure to bring a hardcopy of the results on the trip.

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  1. Brent Hotham says:

    $590.00 for two people to get tested is flagrantly profiting on the pandemic. Ridiculous prices

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