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Winter 2012: 10 Remote Caribbean Escapes

Is the cold Winter blues in your forecast? Winter doesn’t have to mean good-bye to sunshine, sea, and sand. So why not grab your passport and answer the call to travel to the Caribbean? In fact, why not go more off the beaten path this holiday season, and visit more remote islands in the Caribbean. We’ve made it easy for you, here’s our Top 10 Remote Caribbean Escapes:

Ambergris Cay (Belize)

Ambergris Cay is a short two hours away from mainland US, offering an experience of mountains, forests, mysterious relics, and the more modern activities of diving and fishing, dancing and music. Ambergris Cay is the biggest of the hundreds of cays that make up Belize. Roughly 38 miles long, and located between Mexico and Guatemala, it is well connected to major American cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles. Buses and rental agencies make travel on the island easy and inexpensive. There are hourly flights to the island from Belize by local airlines, as well as water taxis. The sub-tropical climate, and the high humidity, could have been oppressive, but is lightened by trade winds that are constantly blowing across the island. Find hotels on Ambergris


Anguilla is the most northerly among the Leeward Islands and is ringed by sugary-white beaches. It is a tiny, low-key island, retaining its laid-back Caribbean character with friendly islanders and an easy going feel set amidst some of the absolute finest beaches worldwide. Art Gallery Tours and Museum Tours give you a glimpse of the diverse culture of the island. The local holidays and festivals also center on the island’s history and culture, including the spectacular Summer Festival in August. Dubbed the cuisine hub of the Caribbean, Anguilla offers visitors a wide variety of spectacular gastronomic delights. The island also has two of the largest wine cellars in the region, and the wine stock is large and unusually well selected. There are a number travel options to get here with convenient connections via Puerto Rico and St Maarten/ St Martin, and sunshine and sparkling turquoise waters draw visitors to Anguilla throughout the year. Find Hotels in Anguilla


Nevis is the perfect Caribbean package, with one volcanic mountain, and a main road that takes you round the island. A handful of clean beaches provide the usual seaside fun, and you can walk across the largest town, Charleston, in just 15 minutes. Local history’s evident in museums and the forests on the peak are great for hiking. The climate on Nevis is tropical, temperate throughout the year with almost no sizeable variation in temperatures. North-easterly trade winds cool the island most of the year. This small island still grabs your interest, and fills your vacation with charm and tranquility. Find hotels in Nevis


Roatan Island sits near the largest Caribbean barrier reef, and is a major cruise ship destination and scuba diving location. A long hidden gem, the beautiful clean white beaches are great for relaxing, and some great snorkeling and diving spots attract numerous tourists year round. Roatan vacations range from the typical Caribbean experience of resort-oriented and beach centered vacation and related activities to the more rustic experiences of sleeping under mosquito nets, far from the tourist locations. Alternatively you can experience the cruise amenities. Enjoy diving, adventure sports, eco-tourism, and boat tours, historical towns, botanical gardens, and an iguana farm. Find hotels on Roatan


A small Caribbean island, Bonaire is known for its focus on conservation, especially the preservation and care of its marine environment. There is excellent scope for scuba diving, and other water activities like snorkeling adventures, kayaking, and windsurfing, among other things. There is also ample opportunity for cycling or even mountain biking on the island. People who visit the island love the temperate climate, the sparkling waters, the sun, and the warmth and charming friendliness of the local people. A laid back, nicely slow paced, tranquil island, Bonaire also offers its visitors a lively experience of nightlife, places to see, great restaurants, and more. Find hotels in Bonaire

The British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands consist of over 60 inhabited and uninhabited islands in the Caribbean. From family vacations to weddings, from honeymoons to just taking some time off, the area provides numerous accommodation and travel options, not to mention things to do, to cover all possible choices. Better known islands include Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, and so on. Accommodations range from campgrounds, and guest houses to hotels and villas, and offer enough choice for all budgets and tastes. Each of the islands offers visitors its own beauty, local character, charm and historical legends. Find hotels in the BVI


Canouan island is an unspoiled Caribbean haven that is virtually undiscovered. This tropical paradise is lush and green, with wide, sugary white beaches, and calm, crystal clear, blue waters, hilly terrain, and enormous living coral reefs teeming with tropical aquatic life. It offers the sporty traveler an incredible range of diving and snorkeling opportunities, and draws tourists with its stunning and unspoiled natural beauty, convenient geographic location, temperate tropical climate, and the friendliness and charm of its people. Low density of residential development also ensures that the natural beauty has been preserved. Three square miles surrounded by bays, coves, beaches, and coral reefs, makes Canouan island a must visit. Find hotels on Canouan


underwater life Saba Diving

Saba, better known as the “Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean,” is located in the warm Caribbean waters just south of St. Maarten and Anguilla. The perfect, almost idyllic, lush tropical paradise, Saba is a tiny 5sq mile island which is the perfect place for an escape, a nice quiet holiday from stress. Saba offers a widely diverse and well preserved vibrant ecosystem, and a range of diving and hiking experiences that are almost unique. There are quaint villages, clean, and traffic free roads, cloud rain forests, spectacular natural beauty, perfect climate, virtually crime-free, and warm and friendly people. Find hotels on Saba

St Barts

Saint Barthélemy, or St Barts as it is more commonly known, has a coastline with more than 20 beaches. This tropical paradise has been the playground of the richest and the most famous celebrities for decades. Famous for beautiful beaches, international gourmet cuisine, and haute designer shopping, St. Barts is lightly populated, and has very few hotels for a tourist destination. The one small airport is served by regional and smaller commercial carriers and charter companies. Unless you visit in the summer, make reservations in advance. There is ample scope for visitors to enjoy outdoor activities such as Volleyball, Tennis, Hiking, water sports like scuba diving, fishing, surfing, and more. Find hotels in St Barts

St John

St. John Island is four miles to the east of Saint Thomas, and about four miles to the southwest of Tortola. Only 28 square miles in total, two thirds of the area of the island is a National Park, while the beaches are something to write home about. Panoramic views, well preserved landscapes, wild nature, woodland trails, white beaches, and clear turquoise waters are just some of the attractions. For the souvenir seeker, there are gift shops and dive centers cater to the more adventurous. Kayaking along the beaches and looking at sea turtles is a must for a St John holiday. Colorful coral reefs teem with tropical marine life and the charming Uptown area of Saint John offers a glimpse into the vibrant past. Find Hotels on St John

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