If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway in the Caribbean with your partner or family, booking vacation rentals in the Caribbean instead of hotels and resorts can be a very smart investment for you. Even though the Caribbean islands have some of the best hotels and resorts in the world, majority of the vacation rentals are also built to be very plush. In fact, Caribbean vacation rentals are built with the highest standards of luxury in mind which will ensure that you and your family can enjoy the peace, tranquility and pace you need to relax.

Which islands can you find some of the best vacation rentals in the Caribbean? It’s no coincidence that many islands located in that part of the world have become famous all over the world for world class vacationing. You can find exquisite vacation rentals on every island in the Caribbean and as long as you conduct the necessary research, finding a rental property within your budget that beats the expectations of you and your family is easy.

If you are planning to get away to St. Lucia with your partner or family then the Landings St. Lucia should be your first choice when looking for world class rental properties on the island. This is a top notch resort overlooking the beach and situated in the most beautiful part of the island. It provides a wide range of rental villas ranging from 1-3 bedrooms. Residents get access to five star restaurants as well as a long stretch of gorgeous beach, health clubs, tennis courts, kayaks, boats, etc. at the cost of $499-$799 per night.

The Turks and Caicos Islands also have some of the most exclusive vacation rentals in the Caribbean. The Sands at the renowned Grace Bay beach comes into mind when looking for a penultimate vacation on the heavenly island. Located on a beach with beautiful white sands, The Sands provides 1-3 bedroom fully-furnished condos starting from less than $300 per night. Imagine unwinding in a suite with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ocean and evergreen courtyards.  You can also find equally exquisite vacation rentals in the Caribbean on islands such as the Saint Bart’s, Saint Martin, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Belize, Cayman Islands, etc.