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Unusual tourist attractions in the Caribbean

The Caribbean provides unbeatable island living, but it’s also packed with unique and unusual attractions that don’t always get as much press as the yacht trips, sparkling waters and pristine beaches. There are so many unusual and exotic aspects of the Caribbean that it’s hard to narrow them down; however these experiences are a must if you are in the vicinity and are feeling adventurous.

The Boiling Lake at Morne Trois Pitons National Park is one of the most spectacular natural sites of Dominica and the hike through the Valley of Desolation is tough but striking. The 207 feet wide Boiling Lake is veiled in steam and burbles constantly and was created by a volcanic eruption in 1880. The park is also home to Dominica’s second highest mountain, Middleham Falls and Emerald Pool and all hikes start in the mountain village of Laudat.

Examus Island offers visitors the unique opportunity of swimming with pigs and whilst this may sound bizarre it is actually an amazing experience. A colony of pigs were dropped at this Out Island after locals were being pestered by them and now the opportunity to visit, feed and swim with the animals is just a short boat ride from Big Major Key.

Saba’s Juancho e Yrausquin Airport features the world’s shortest runway and watching planes take off here is almost as thrilling as being on one- an activity that’s recommended for only the very brave. As the runway is only 400 meters, planes literally drive off the edge of the cliff on take-off. There is a cocktail lounge at the airport and you can sit back and relax over a drink or game on your mobile at a site like whilst waiting to board or watch the next flight take off.

The bats in the caves at Curacao are a must see and although the caves also feature beautiful limestone decor, stunning waterfalls and the famous Madonna Statue it’s the bats that are really special. Day tours will take you through the caves and past hordes of sleeping bats, but at dusk it’s fascinating to see thousands of these creatures come alive and swarm out into the open on the search for food.

The islands of the Caribbean have so much to offer and for those who are feeling adventurous these are just a few of the numerous activities available.

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