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The “Beautiful by Nature” Turks & Caicos Islands is situated some 575 miles south east of Florida, 30 miles south of the last Island of the Bahamas and 90 miles north of the Dominican Republic. Covering some 193 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean, the destination boost excellent tropical weather year around and is easily accessible. Airlift options include daily flights with American Airlines out of Miami, New York and Charlotte; Air Canada out of Toronto ; West Jet out of Toronto; Delta out of Atlanta; Bahamas Air out of Nassau and British Airways also provides services from London Heathrow.

The Turks & Caicos Islands are home to the third largest coral reef system, the World’s first Conch Farm, luxury condominiums and the best tropical beaches in the world. This up-scale, low-density destination boost about a 60% visitor return rate and is ideal for romance seekers, family vacations and the eco-tourist of course. The Country is made up of some 40 Islands and indeed each Island has a different and delightful experience waiting for the traveler fortunate enough to grace its beautiful shores.

Whilst tourism provides the main revenue, the country is also a major financial services centre. The sound political environment, geographical location, lowest crime rate in the Caribbean, a legal system based on the Common Law of England and no direct taxation and Government concessions for new investment encourages investment in the Country.

The Islands do have more than its share of “Star Appeal” as well. Indeed Hollywood Superstar like Bruce Willis, Donna Karen, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Michael Jordan and many others have graced the shores of these beautiful Islands and many of them have made the Turks & Caicos Islands their home away from home. Undoubtly, they are drawn to the world class amenities that the destination has to offer while still maintain its unique quality of being untouched, relaxing and peaceful or as the Islanders describe it “Beautiful by Nature.”

Opportunities for business, pleasure, adventure and fun are endless in this tropical heaven. Island activities include sailing, fishing, diving, lounging on the beach, boat regattas, Island hopping, dining, cave adventures and so much more.

The Turks & Caicos Islands are indeed one of the most exciting places in the Caribbean if not the World. Turks & Caicos has been recently described by many as one of the World’s last “true exotics” and is a “must see.”

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