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Traveling to St Barts

Traveling to the Caribbean, even to such remote and exclusive venues as St Barts, is hardly difficult anymore. Our Caribbean Travel & Leisure Team can get you accommodations and a transportation route almost effortlessly. Most tourists and visitors book flights to St Barts, but you may opt for the boat trip over from nearby St Maarten.

Depending on the time of year, however, one can get to St. Barts via special passenger cruises, as the result of a special arrangement with the government on the island. Celebrity Cruises has scheduled several fall nine-day round trips from Fort Lauderdale to St. Barts (including other points in between), which allow people to at least set foot on the spectacular beaches for short while. Those wanting a longer stay on the island, instead of a cruise stop point, will have to make more traditional preparations. Even on a direct trip, it’s hard to avoid spotting certain celebrities, or TV crew filming episodes of a reality show (such as the use of St. Barts as the setting for episodes of the Housewives of New York City ).

By air, flights to St. Barts are convenient from Juliana Airport in Dutch St. Maarten (SXM), the island next door, where flights come in and out daily, to and from the United States and Europe. VIP services are available connecting private planes to St. Barts. The tiny size of the landing strip on the island makes it necessary to specially train the pilots who make the regular trips here.

Using the sea, everything from private yachts to specialty cruises comprise the usual method of entry to St. Barts. There are docksides capable of handling vessels of several sizes (smaller yachts or large craft under 200 feet). At the Anchorage port there is room for over 100 yachts. If traveling privately, the harbor master should be contacted two hours prior to the arrival of the vessel, and the captain should be prepared to present all proper registration documents, passports etc. at the harbor master’s office upon docking.

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