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Top 7 Things to Do in St Kitts for Outdoor Adventure

Hiking Tours in St Kitts

There are full-day and half-day hiking tours in St Kitts that include a number of possible of activities. Some hiking tours in St Kitts take you on a wildlife trek with a tour of abandoned colonial sugar mills and a true Kittitian-style picnic of Caribbean fruits, freshly baked pastries and homemade juices. While other tours combine a rugged hiking adventure with an off-road ATV drive and a mountaintop picnic lunch on Mt. Liamuiga.

ATV Excursions in St Kitts

ATV tours in St Kitts and an added element of excitement on a number of escorted adventures. These tours take riders through swaying fields of sugar cane, friendly country villages, old sugar plantation yards and forested valleys, plus picnicking and opportunities to stretch one’s legs with a little hiking on the side.

Mountain Biking

Prefer to tackle St. Kitts’ terrain on two wheels? There are a variety of mountain biking excursions in St Kitts. Whether pedaling steadily on the flatter grounds around the southeast peninsula and along the scenic shores or taking on the challenging ups and downs of the interior or northern end of the island, St. Kitts offers something for visitors of all fitness levels and preferences.

Horseback Riding in St Kitts

Stables in St Kitts offer well-mannered horses that you can ride along the beautiful Atlantic coastal beaches or through sugar cane fields and rainforest scenery on guided tours running three and half hours or more. Book your St Kitts rainforest horseback riding tour.

St Kitts Ziplining Tours

Ziplining tours in St Kitts offers intrepid travelers the exhilarating experience of practically flying through trees and over streams, valleys and other landscapes at speeds of up to 50 mph. There are a number of ziplines that run up to 1,350 feet long and offer thrill seekers panoramic views of the lush green rainforest, neighboring islands and historical sites.

Bird Watching in St Kitts

The thick rainforest that carpets St. Kitts’ northern, central and southern mountain ranges supports great biodiversity, especially when it comes to avian species. Bird-watchers will be intrigued at the prospect of spotting several dozen different species, such as brown pelican, magnificent frigate bird, cattle egret, American kestrel, royal tern, feral pigeon, Zenaida dove, common ground-dove, Caribbean Elaenia, grey kingbird, Caribbean martin, scaly-breasted thrasher, bananaquit, black-faced grassquit, Lesser Antillean bullfinch and black-whiskered vireo, and many, many more when you book a St Kitts rainforest tour.

Sugar Train – St Kitts Scenic Railway Tour

The Sugar Train, as it is widely known, runs on the same tracks that were originally built in 1912 to carry sugar cane from the various plantations dotting the island to the Sugar Factory in Basseterre. Today, passengers ride in deluxe double-decker cars on an approximately two-and-a-half-hour excursion that circles the island along the coastline. Among the scenes that unfold along the way are the site of Thomas Jefferson’s great-great-grandfather’s grave at Old Town Road, abandoned windmills and chimneys from old sugar estates, Brimstone Hill with its historic fortress, centuries-old bridges and lush rainforest vegetation along the slopes of Mt. Liamuiga, the dormant volcano that is the island’s central peak. A dedicated choir in traditional dress serenades train passengers with folkloric tunes and sugar cakes and beverages are also served on board. Book today!

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