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September 22, 2013
St Barts Shell Beach
November 6, 2013
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Things to do on St Barts

Persons desiring a very interesting and secluded vacation or stay in Caribbean will find St Barts to be a rich resource of fun and enriching recreational activity. The resort location is renowned for its beaches and amazing views of the island landscape, but this hardly exhausts the treasures of this little oasis. A great music culture thrives on the island, including Calypso, Jazz, Reggae and other regional genres of the Caribbean sounds. Authentic French, West Indian and related cuisines make up the restaurant scene, with more than 70 establishments to choose from. On these and other fronts, there are tons of things to do.

On the shore scene itself, the variety of white sand beach locations permitted travelers to either sight see, sun bathe or conduct some ambitious swimming exploration of the reefs and wave action at any one of the 22 public beaches. From still, lagoon-like natural architecture of the Grand Colombier, to the Grand Cul-de-sac’s plunge pool, vacationers have their choice of one premium, world-class beach after another. Some of the settings (such as the L’Orient) permit snorkeling, turtle watching and other personal ventures, while Toiny beach offers surfers fast waves from the Atlantic to ride.

Believe it or not, there are indoor attractions on St. Barts that don’t involve restaurants. The Inter Oceans Museum and Wall House Museum in Gustavia give visitors a chance to see a huge assortment of sea shells, or background on the French and Swedish history behind the island during their stay. There is also the St. Barth Municipal Museum for those who want that historical and cultural background in even more detail, in the form of historical documents and photographs. The municipal Museum also features an exhibition on plant and animal life on the island, past and present.

Among other things to do on St. Barts:  A number of boat tours and rentals are available (given this an island surrounded by sumptuous ocean), offering sea faring opportunities from manual sailing to catamarans, to speed powerboat runs around the island. The Grand Cul-de-sac beach area also offers activities involving kite surfing. The Hookipa surf shop in L’Orient offers a lot of equipment that can be rented for ways surfing, bodyboarding or windsurfing, depending on the preference of the traveler. In general, depending on how long you can stay in this resort area, there’s outdoor and indoor tourist activities suitable for every taste.

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