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The Hidden Gems of Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago are a pair of islands opposite from each other in every way. Trinidad is bustling with activity day and night, a true cityscape crowned with gorgeous beaches and delicious local cuisine. Tobago is the Hawaii of the region, with vast nature preserves and few year-round residents. If you find yourself in this Caribbean nation, be sure to island hop, as both have plenty to offer.

Tobago Forest Reserve

This reserve was founded in the 1700s and has been protected ever since, providing a natural wonder of tropical beauty for visitors. Bird watchers will go crazy over the lush variety of wildlife found in the treetops, while novices will learn quite a lot with the right guide. Venture out in the early morning for the best opportunity to see birds, enjoy breakfast and receive in-depth commentary from a skilled guide.

Hummingbird Hotel

You likely won’t find it on mainstream hotel booking sites, and many guests like it that way. Run by an Englishman and a native Trinidadian, the Hummingbird Hotel is small, fresh hotel that provides in-house meals and walking distance to Crown Point.  Take a dip in the pool once you tire of the ocean, and spend the money you saved on other parts of your vacation. This hotel is known for being affordable and run by friendly owners.


This tiny little fishing village in Tobago is charming and has been compared to Africa’s Zanzibar. Here you will find local cuisine including memorable breakfasts at The Coffee Place.  Sip a cold beer and enjoy remarkable sunsets from your balcony. The beaches are pristine and private, providing a perfect escape for someone who hopes to get away from it all.


Located on Trinidad in Maracas, Yerette is home to hundreds of hummingbirds. Visitors report year round having the opportunity to eat authentic Trinidad food while also taking in the most stunning variety of hummingbirds ever seen. The impressive part is definitely their population count – the happy little birds are everywhere – a photographer or bird watcher’s dream.

Queen’s Park Savannah

Located in Port of Spain, Trinidad, this historic park features Spanish colonial mansions, also known as the “Magnificent 7,” and street vendors. Enjoy local eats while exploring these huge, elaborate homes.

These are just a few of the great things to see in Trinidad & Tobago. While exploring, you just may find your own hidden gem worth visiting year after year.

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