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St Maarten – St Martin is the smallest island in the world to be shared by two nations. You’ll find Dutch St Maarten to the south and French St Martin to the north of this tropical paradise. Sharing a dual personality, the island is truly unique! It offers a wide variety of attractions and activities, a blend of nightlife, shopping, dining and fun in the sun! Popularly known as being one of the most breathtaking Caribbean islands, St Maarten – St Martin bursts with lush tropical landscape, architecture, cultural charm, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Easily driven past without much notice, the free border separating these two nations remains a symbolic feature of centuries of peaceful cooperation and mutual friendship. On the Dutch side of the island, you’ll find many beaches, active nightlife, casinos, duty free and bargain shopping. On the French side, you’ll find nude beaches, classy boutiques, designer clothing and markets. Both sides of the island feature numerous gourmet & casual dining options, small cafes and local cuisine! Enjoy a day at sea diving the vibrant colored reefs, snorkeling the lively shores, or on a St Maarten sunset cruise.

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