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St Kitts, the first English settlement in the Leeward Islands offers a diverse Caribbean vacation experience. Divers will discover the island’s underwater attractions of new and untouched dive sites, marked by massive beds of coral, teeming with fish of every stripe and color, history buffs will marvel at Brimstone Hill Fortress; the 18th century Gibraltar of the West Indies, and nature lovers will be pleasantly surprised at more than a quarter of the island’s land as a National Park, with a rain forest abounding with waterfalls and mountain range home to a dormant volcano crater.

Since the 1600s the island of St Kitts concentrated on growing sugar cane as its primary industry, but with the growing number of tourism arrivals, the island also now has every kind of accommodation, as well as gourmet dining, golf, and gaming, plus white-sand beaches concentrated around Frigate Bay with views onto quiet Nevis.

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