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May 17, 2012
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St. Croix Vacation Guide

A Virgin Islands vacation cannot be complete without exploring the impressive St. Croix, which is by far the largest one in the island chain. With a population of around 60,000 people, the striking island is full of attractive towns, evergreen rainforests and hundreds of hills.

St. Croix is directly accessible from many cities in the United States such as Miami and Atlanta as well as a host of other airports scattered around the Caribbean. The island can also be accessed via ferries, cruise ships, etc., ensuring a high level of convenience during your Virgin Islands vacation period.

No matter the kind of vacation experience you are looking for, St. Croix will be a rewarding destination. It contains some of the finest hotels, resorts, guesthouses and vacation rentals in the Caribbean for people who do not think twice about luxury. If you have a limited budget, you can still enjoy top relaxation by lodging in one of the numerous well-equipped and great looking small inns and guest houses. These accommodations provide the best of Caribbean cuisine blended with those of other cultures all over the world.

St. Croix gives you access to a fully-packed Virgin Islands vacation thanks to the wide range of fun activities available to tourists. The impeccable sandy white beaches make it an attractive destination for anyone looking to relax while sunbathing and sipping tropical drinks.

Top hotels in St. Croix come packed with loads of amenities including golf courses, tennis courts, fitness centers, etc., ensuring that you will not just have fun but stay in shape throughout your Virgin Islands vacation. Hiking is a great way to explore the island during your stay while fishing enthusiasts have been able to experience some of their most memorable expeditions on the island.

If you plan to see most of what St. Croix has to offer to make your vacation even more memorable then you should book a car rental well in advance before you touch down on the island. The island is located in close proximity to St. Thomas and St. John, which can also be explored to gain an all-round Virgin Islands vacation.

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