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Spice up your life in Grenada

Spice up your life in Grenada

The natural beauty and profound natural vistas of Grenada will inspire any traveler to spend their days soaking up the sun and experiencing all this island has to offer.   With a range of activities from relaxation to thrills and excitement you are sure to find more than enough ways to spice up your life in Grenada.

Discovered in the late 1400s, the island of Grenada is a Caribbean oasis which never fails to amaze its visitors with pristine beaches, luscious forests and turquoise waters.  The climate here is temperate and mild almost all year round which is what makes this a favourite vacation destination.  An endless supply of resorts, cultural celebrations and festivals will keep you entertained and in the spirit of the Caribbean.  Here is a list of some of the activities Grenada has to offer that will be sure to spice things up on your holiday.


Enjoying the picture perfect beaches all over the island is easy with many small bays and inlets offering gorgeous playgrounds of white sand as well as secluded and private havens of tranquility.  With 45 stunning examples to choose from it’s hard to pick the best but Grande Anse is probably the most popular stretch of beach and you will find most of the hotels and resorts along here. La Sargasse is ideal for romance or there’s Pink Gin Beach for that castaway style tranquillity.

Scuba Diving

With scores of rare and inviting dive sites around the island there are countless dive shops offering services ranging from diving courses to snorkeling trails.  All are conveniently located and are PADI certified and promise to provide you with a fantastic under water experience. Grenada boasts the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and there’s also an underwater volcano as well as the reefs absolutely teeming with kaleidoscopic marine life.


Even if you are not a seasoned hiker, the esoteric Rain Forests and their multitude of waterfalls will tempt you.  The lush, exotic forests and National parks are home to many bird and animal species.  The Grand Etang Forest reserve is one of the best choices for an adventure into the enchanting world of trees, ferns and lush foliage. Grenada also has beautiful waterfalls that you will come across while hiking through the shady greenery and every one is as stunning as the next.  The Seven Sister Waterfalls and the Annadale Falls are not to be missed.


As exciting as the hiking, these operators will cater to your needs both on-island and off-island.  With forest tours, trips to the plantation estates, sweeping views of the ocean and even the exploration of the distinct coastline by boat, the Eco-tours will leave you with a world of knowledge and true experience of the island. Each foray into the beating heart of the island will leave you with a full spirit as to why the beauty of Grenada should be conserved for future generations as well as providing education on ecological issues.

Sport Fishing

Even if you have never fished before, chartering a deep sea excursion will turn you into a fishing enthusiast over night.  With catch and release competitions or just the quest for a Blue Marlin thrill, you will enjoy the spirit of this activity out on the stunning deep blue ocean.


For those who prefer the less thrilling adventures, a day exploring the local trade that Grenada has to offer will uncover many surprises. With the array of treasures of this island from boutiques to village markets you will experience some of the color and vibrant enthusiasm that make Grenada the “Spice” of the Caribbean.


Lastly, Grenada and the Caribbean are well known for their dynamic and jazzy festivals.  The rhythm of the Carnivals and hypnotizing steel pan music will cause the spirit and spice of the Caribbean to flow in your veins.  You will want to return year after year to experience this dynamic side of Grenada and the locals.

Whether you are in Grenada as a solitary adventurer, honeymooner or family, you will be inspired by the color and rich warmth this island has to offer. From the flavors to people to activities you will never be short of excitement, relaxation or pure enjoyment while you spice up your life in Grenada.

The wondrous nature of the people and the tranquility of the beaches will motivate you to spice up your life and absorb the mesmerizing atmosphere.

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