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January 11, 2010
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Saba – A weekend getaway!

View from Mt. Scenery, Saba

A sound Caribbean treasure surrounded by charm, thriving rain forest, offshore diving and breathtaking views.

Day 1 – 15 minutes by plane or 1 hour by ferry, upon your arrival to the island have your taxi take you to your hotel (or feel free to hitch a ride with the friendly locals). After check-in, relax in the pool or explore the welcoming villages. Enjoy the amazing scenic features surrounding you. Take it in; it’s just the beginning of a weekend filled with quaint moments.

Day 2 – Wake up in the morning and breathe the fresh air, take a stroll and enjoy breakfast at one of the local cafés. The island’s natural beauty extends below the surface with a fascinating marine environment. Take a dive/ snorkel trip with one of the Dive Shops located on the island, and experience a rainbow array of exciting marine life and healthy reefs.   Top off the night with dinner at The Brigadoon for an exquisite meal and a charming ambiance.

Day 3 – With your weekend getaway coming to a close, you couldn’t possibly think of leaving the island without climbing the highest peak (877 m) in the Kingdom of the Netherlands! That’s right, 1064 steps of spectacular flora and fauna.

Relaxed locals, amazing food, and mountainous landscape are just a few of the features that will leave you in awe from this memorable vacation. All of this is Saba, the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean!


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