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Rest & Recharge: 6 Relaxing Retreats in the Caribbean

Sitting amongst the beautiful blue ocean and sandy white beaches are delightful spots where people can retreat into their own newly found world full of relaxation. Within the nestled islands of the Caribbean, tranquility and peacefulness becomes a reality for anyone who visits. Cruise liners in the area make the Caribbean Islands accessible for anyone and everyone. If you are planning on a getaway to the islands, here are six destinations you will want to consider:

1. Anguilla

Traditional French cuisine is influenced by the growth of Anguilla’s exquisite independent restaurant owners that has developed over the years. Wonderful native spices and seafood, along with its own special wines will surely captivate any one who retreats into this small and friendly island. Since it is a high quality culinary scene with easy access, recharging one’s own self is easy to do.

2. Nevis

Nestled very quietly within the Caribbean islands is Nevis. It is an island with the luxury of a spa and a lovely functioning architecture. The highest buildings do not reach the highest palm trees. There are no traffic lights or fast food restaurants. It keeps within the British traditions with quaint gingerbread style buildings, breathtaking mountains and hiking trails, which allow for one’s own peacefulness to breathe. Even with all of the tranquility, things can happen and vacations can be cut short.

3. St. Lucia

This island has been in the hot spot by receiving ‘the best place to visit’ awards over the past several years. Gorgeous mountains views, tropical rainforests and its eco-friendly lifestyle really does bring out a person’s ability to recharge his or herself. Getting back to nature has never been so luxurious.

4. Guana

Located within the British Virgin Islands, it has a tropical forest of 850 acres. Peaceful walks can be made within their 26 trails. Privacy is at its greatest. There are only three villas and 15 cottages. Seven beaches, which are usually virtually deserted, surround this island that has so much comfort. After a morning of hiking and a lunch from room service, there are activities such as snorkeling, fishing, tennis, spa or just sit back and watch an outdoor movie.

5. Barbados

Perceived in British plantation history, Barbados is an island afforded by almost anyone. From ultra-luxury living with all its amenities including spa treatment, formal dining and white-glove service to fun and exciting bars, dancing and walks on the sandy beaches at night. To recharge and have some fun there are quite a few rum distilleries that vacationers can visit, terrific golf courses and beautiful native land.

6. Bonaire

Of all the Caribbean Islands, Bonaire offers one of the most serene retreats to rest and relax one’s body and spirit. There is not much of a nightlife. It is a place to dive and really get to know what type of sea creatures the waters around the island offers. Consisting of mainly dive resorts, there is no white-glove luxury here. There is a beautiful clear ocean that one can enjoy and learn about the sea creatures such as sting rays, fish and sea turtles.

All of these relaxing and fun filled island destinations can be made in one trip when voyaging on a cruise ship. Another great thing about going on a cruise is that cruise insurance can be purchased. This is the best way to get your money back if your trip is interrupted, especially if traveling during hurricane season. According to Luxist, the five best cruise liners are Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruise Lines, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas and Silversea.

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