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Pastelles – One of Trinidad’s Seasonal Delights!

Pastelles are a local favorite that brings out the Christmas Season in Trinidad. Originally a meat dish of Spanish origin, Pastelles are very similar to Tamales.

The soft cornmeal dough is rolled to form a thin circle and filled with meat, usually beef & chicken or either. The steamed cornmeal pie is wrapped in banana leaves.

Making Pastelles can be a somewhat complex process, so Trinis usually throw “Pastelle Parties” to get as much help in as they can.

In Trinidad, everyone prepares for Christmas by cleaning up & renovating their homes, baking Fruit (Black) Cake and Coconut Sweet Bread, Boiling Sorrel, Ponche de Creme and Ginger Beer.

Trinidad, and the rest of the Caribbean may not have a white Christmas, but a joyous one indeed – filled with rum, home made wine, wild meat, fruit cake & Parang!

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