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Our Favorite Local Cayman Island Cuisine

If you’re traveling to the Cayman Islands, local Cayman Islands’ cuisine is a must-try! Traditional Caymanian cuisine has a Caribbean flair with an emphasis on seafood such as conch, lobster and fish. They are prepared a variety of ways and are served with plantain, yams, cassava, breadfruit, rice and beans and other West Indian side dishes.

Restaurants in the Cayman Islands often, but not always, automatically add a 15 percent gratuity to the final bill. It should say on the menu if that is the case; if you are in doubt, be sure to ask.

Island specialties and where to find them:

  • Tortuga Rum Cake: Tortuga Rum Company stores
  • Blackbeard’s Rum Cake: Hell and select retail and food stores
  • Hell Sauce: Popular hot sauce found in the town of Hell
  • Farm-raised Turtle Steak: Restaurants serving island cuisine
  • Conch: Either chowder made with coconut milk or tomoatoe based, cracked, marinated or fried: restaurants serving island cuisine
  • Icoa Chocolates: Seven Mile Shops
  • Cayman Style Fish: Restaurants serving island cuisine
  • Whelks: Restaurants serving island cuisine.
  • Fish and Fritters: Restaurants serving island cuisine
  • Heavy Cakes and traditional pastries: Market at the Grounds; restaurants serving island cuisine
  • Pepper Jelly: Market at the Grounds, Foster’s Supermarket (The Strand and Airport locations), Kirk Supermarket and Iocal Chocolates


Discover the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

Every January, Cayman presents the Caribbean’s biggest epicurean extravaganza – Cayman Cookout is hosted by the world-renowned Eric Ripert, who is joined by a collection of the most talented chefs and sommeliers around the world.

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