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Mustique is one the 32 islands in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. At 1,400 acres, it is a mere slice of heaven but a luxurious treat to the senses at that. With a history that spans as far as the 15th century, Mustique and her sister islands have been used for various reasons including growing sugar and hiding pirate booty. It was repurposed in the 1950s as a personal retreat for British royalty. Since the late 1990s Mustique has opened its doors to tourism, however it has retained its natural beauty at the same time, making this destination a visit into history.

Mustique offers a luxurious respite from every day life. It’s pristine white sand, tall coconut trees, aqua blue water, and lush foliage will lull you into a relaxed state. Mustique has something to offer everyone who steps onto its white sands. It is the perfect Caribbean vacation for those who like to do it up but in a low-key manner.


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