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December 20, 2010
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January 20, 2011
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Museums in the Caribbean

Everyone heads to the Caribbean islands for sun, the beaches, watersports, cocktails and fun. But away from the sand the islands house some fascinating museums, ideal for anyone wanting to soak up a little of the region’s history and culture


Nelson’s Dockyard
One of the most popular attractions on the island, this is also the only Georgian dockyard still in use anywhere in the world. The Dockyard Museum Found in the former Naval Officer’s House at English Harbour, details the history of the dockyard and the Naval fleet in Antigua.


Barbados Museum is found in Bridgetown in the former British Military Prison, built in 1817. Visitors will experience natural history displays, artefacts and much more. There is also a children’s gallery.


Casa del Cordón Santo Domingo
Dating back to 1503, this is the oldest home in the Western Hemisphere. Formerly the home of Diego Colón, son of Columbus, this famous house is filled with history.

Belmont estate Museum is an hour’s drive from St George’s. This museum has captivating displays that document Grenada’s ancestry, traditions, lifestyle, social history, plantation history, decorative arts and household furniture and styles of Grenada, and the intriguing history of Belmont Estate and its people.


Bob Marley Museum Kingston
Housed in the hope ROAD recording studio built by Bob Marley at the height of his career, this museum preserves the life and rise in popularity of Jamaica’s most famous son. An essential stop for any fan of Reggae music!

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