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September 26, 2018

Mexican Bulldog Margarita

If you want to try something unique and amazingly delicious, try a Mexican Bulldog Margarita.

This lime margarita in a large glass with a Corona stuck into it, upside down is quite good. The beer mixes into the margarita. Be careful when you order this drink, though – it tends to be contagious!

Mexican Bulldog Margarita


  • 1oz of tequila
  • Lime margarita mix
  • 1 Corona

How to make it:

  1. Mix tequila and lime margarita mix together and put in your large glass.
  2. Then take a bottle of Corona, open it and flip it upside down into the margarita mix.
  3. Let the beer bottle stay flipped upside down because when you drink the beer will slowly poor out into your Margarita. Enjoy!


  1. Chris Smith says:

    Fill er Up!

  2. Marius Pop says:

    tequila see you lapte de pasare!

  3. I want this! think I'll get one after work.

  4. […] Sorry for the blurriness.  As dangerous as this looks, it really is not that strong.  It’s mostly beer with a little bit of margarita mixed in. […]

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