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Is Vacationing in the Caribbean Safe?

Acts of crime and violence can be found worldwide and so you don’t have to cancel your vacation to the Caribbean or think that one island is more safe than another just because of the headlines!

Know the facts – The Caribbean consists of several islands each with their own uniqueness. Most of the violence that has taken place in the region is due to conflicts between gangs and drug users. Tourist are in little danger of meeting up in trouble once you follow your own sense of judgment, be cautious of your surroundings and be sure not to get involved with the wrong people.

With each island being different in culture, its people, and attractions, it’s important that you research your options carefully before making a decision on your destination. We’ve put together, what we take to be the top 5 safety tips for travel, to significantly reduce the risk of you being a victim of crime:

1. As you’re packing, think twice about taking valuables with you. If they’re not essential, they’re probably better off left at home. This will also make for lighter bags, allowing you greater ease of movement which can deter potential thieves.

2. Buy a money belt (not a fanny pack) to carry your money and passport underneath your clothing.

3. Carry only the cash you need for the moment in your pocket or purse. Carry your passport, credit card and extra money inside your clothes in a money-belt, or leave them in your hotel’s safe. When you need to get something out of your money belt do it in a private place.

4. Exercise particular caution when in crowds, markets or on public transportation. Pickpockets can be very crafty and sometimes work in pairs – one person will distract you while another takes your wallet.

5. Avoid hailing cabs along the street. Ask your hotel to call a cab for you as they will take note of the taxi number and the driver’s name. At the airport and bus stations at most islands there are official taxis that you should take. Have your resort or travel operator advise you of any authorized taxi or public transport association at your destination.

Do you have any safety tips you can share?

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