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Natural Wonders of the Caribbean: Harrison’s Cave, Barbados  

As part of “Journey around the Natural Wonders of the Caribbean,” we go underground to Harrison’s Cave, Barbados!

Harrison’s Cave is an amazing gallery of stalactites hanging from the roof of the cave, and stalagmites that emerge from the ground, with streams of crystal-clear running water that drop from waterfalls to form deep emerald pools. The stalactites and stalagmites were formed over thousands of years and in some places the stalactites have reached down to the stalagmites and a spectacular pillar has been formed.

Although historical references were made to Harrison’s Cave from as early as the eighteenth century, no serious exploration of the cave was done until 1970, when speleologist, Ole Sorensen, was commissioned by the Barbados National Trust to make a survey and map the cave. Sorensen immediately recognized the potential of the cave and recommended that it be landscaped and developed. Four years later, work on the cave began, drawing on scientific, artistic, technological and geological resources. The work involved digging tunnels, improving lighting and diverting of underground streams.

These days Visitors are driven in electrically operated trams down through the extensive system of caves and at the lowest level point in the cave, visitors are invited to leave the tram and walk alongside a spectacular waterfall which plunges into a deep pool below….

When to go: The caves are open Wednesday to Sunday all year round apart from Christmas day and August 4th.

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