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Guide to the US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean officially recognized as part of American territory. It consists of three main islands i.e. St Thomas, St Croix and St John. Over the last couple of decades, an influx of North American and European tourists has transformed the islands into one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean. US nationals are particularly fond of these islands since their passports automatically grant them unrestricted entry without the need for visas.

St Thomas is the most popular of the three islands and home to their capital, Charlotte Amalie, a busy destination for luxury cruise ships, fishing vessels, boats, etc. The island contains a wide array of luxury resorts, hotels and vacation rental villas where anyone can enjoy ultimate relaxation. St Thomas is also the most developed and often serves as the premier destination for tourists that arrive from various parts of the world. If you are a beach person then you will surely be thrilled in your Virgin Islands vacation experience by visiting the world class Magen’s Bay beach located in St Thomas.

St Croix remains the least explored of the cluster of islands due to its location which is somewhat far from the other two islands. It is home to a wide range of sugar plantations as well as thick forests that are yet to be commercialized or explored. If privacy is the most important thing for you during your Virgin Islands vacation then this should perhaps be your best bet. The island has a fair share of resorts and hotels where you can lodge to enjoy your holidays.

St John has evolved to become a highly attractive spot for nature enthusiasts due to its huge acreage of parks which makes it ideal for hiking, bird watching and even hunting. If you are a snorkeling freak then St John will definitely have a place in your heart when you visit the US Virgin Islands. The environment on the island is free from pollution and other hazards reminiscent of most well-developed Caribbean travel spots. It is also home to various tent resorts which can give you the best camping experience.

There are tons of activities that can make your Virgin Islands vacation worthwhile, apart from the great looking beaches. Some of the most popular activities include deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, etc. All the islands have buzzing night entertainment activities such as cinemas, discos, etc.

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