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Grenada – Spice Island of the Caribbean

Grenada Known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean, the scents of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger waft on balmy air, over the idyllic island of Grenada.

The Islands lie at the southernmost tip of the Windward Islands. An ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing, tropical holiday, Grenada has over 40 picturesque white sand beaches with turquoise waters, exciting aquatic sports, bountiful natural preserves, cultural and historical sites and a pleasant year round average climate of 23ºC or 80ºF. Local markets are filled with the taste of the tropics and local handicrafts. From the historical treasures of the architecture, to the magnificent and numerous waterfalls, rainforests and natural preserves, Grenada is a country of unspoilt natural beauty in the tranquil region of the West Indies. Excellent accommodation ranges from luxury hotels, through affordable family friendly hotels to self-catering apartments and intimate guesthouses.The architecture is sympathetic and no building may be taller than a palm tree! Grenada has some of the most beautiful beaches and the prettiest harbour in the Caribbean.

The Spice of the Caribbean

Fill your senses with Grenada, the Spice Island. Hear the sweet music of the steel bands as you stroll along the island’s passageways, the tropical birds’ calls in the luscious, delicate rainforests, or the sound of the waiter’s step bringing your afternoon cocktail as you relax in the sun. Let your feet feel the warmth of the white sand beaches, your palms and wrists be cooled by the crystal clear sea, and your spirit lifted by the gentle tropical breeze. See the splendid, breathtaking views from the harbour and mountains or the quiet underwater world landscaped with miles of preserved coral reefs inhabited by colourful and plentiful marine life.

Indulge yourself and taste the flavours of the native Grenadian cuisine, some of the most exciting and delicious in the region.This is Grenada, a full-bodied, gorgeous spice island that permeates all your senses with the unique scent of its spices.

The Islands

Grenada, and its sister islands of Carriacou & Petite Martinique offer a wide assortment of tropical vistas, exciting aquatic sports, bountiful natural preserves, and cultural and historical sites to fill any holiday.There are idyllic beaches with white sand, palm trees, cooling waters and aromas of native spices carried by the Caribbean breeze. Carriacou is a twenty-minute flight or a 90-minute ferry ride away from Grenada.

Aquatic Life

Being a country of three unique islands, one of Grenada’s most lovely features is the clear, turquoise waters.With over forty pristine beaches from which to choose, you can swim and sunbathe in the glorious rays of the sunshine or explore beneath the sparkling seas viewing the extensive reef formations and a vast range of marine life which include morays, angelfish, octopuses, sharks, and sea-horses among many others. Large shipwrecks still fascinate divers and Grenada has quite an assortment from which to choose. The treasures held underneath the sea remain generally untouched by crowds and are accessible for either the experienced or novice diver or snorkeler.

Parks & Rainforests

One-ninth of Grenada’s landmass is preserved as parks and natural wildlife sanctuaries. Luscious, bountiful tropical forests are filled with a large variety of flora and fauna. Glorious waterfalls cascading into clear pools in some of the stunning rainforests provide the most breathtaking natural views. A leader in the growth of eco-tourism, the government of Grenada is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the country. The unspoilt, green landscape and the thriving wildlife of Grenada are just two of its many treasures the visitor can enjoy today and for future generations of tomorrow.

Cultural & Historical Interests

Historic delights include three military forts offering magnificent views of the harbour, the exquisite Georgian architecture of the Houses of Parliament and the fascinating artifacts housed in the Grenada National Museum.The capital, St. George’s, is filled with well-preserved examples of French and English colonial architecture.

The St George’s Saturday market is a spectacular event in its own right offering a wide assortment of fresh produce, numerous spices and affordable handicrafts. The genuine friendliness and warmth of the Grenadians, the true hidden jewels of the country welcomes visitors from all over the globe and invites you to explore the Spice of the Caribbean in Grenada.

Three intriguing Islands

The three main islands that make up the nation state of Grenada include Grenada (pronounced Gra-nay-da), Carriacou (pronounced Carry-akoo) and Petite Martinique (pronounced Pitty Mar-ti-neek).

Grenada has a second popular name: The Isle of Spice – so named because there are more spices per square mile here than any other place on the planet. Grenada produces a third of the world’s nutmeg supply and is the second largest producer in the world. Other spices grown in Grenada include cloves, cinnamon, mace, cocoa, ginger, turmeric and vanilla.

Grenada has a rich history and was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1498. Between 1609 and 1783, Grenada changed hands between the French and the British until the Treaty of Versailles awarded Grenada to Britain. However, the French heritage still lives on in Grenada, with many places having French names. Grenada became an independent nation on February 7th, 1974.

Grenada is one of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean. Its many bays and sheltered anchorage’s make it one of the main yachting centres in the eastern Caribbean, its coral reefs and clear waters make it a mecca for divers. Its beaches and natural istory are perfect for the holiday of a lifetime.

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