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May 30, 2011
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May 30, 2011
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Gay Friendly Hotel: Renaissance Aruba

Combine the Caribbean with a rainbow twist and you get a vacation that’s spicy, sweet, and loads of fun. So turn your Caribbean vay-cay into a Caribbean gay-cay for less with these deals and savings on gay-friendly Caribbean getaways.

Experience a fresh twist on stay & play in a stylish, sophisticated atmosphere at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino. Under the island sun, 2 distinct accommodations create the perfect environment for families & adults. Renaissance Marina Hotel is a playground designed exclusively for adults, and at Renaissance Ocean Suites each room is a suite with space for all. Guests of all ages can enjoy Renaissance Island, a 40-acre paradise just for them, w/ Aruba’s only private beaches and the inspirational Okeanos Spa Cove.

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Arubans are genuinely welcoming when asked about homophobia on the island. Locals pride themselves on Aruba’s diversity and Dutch heritage. Most are gentle and remarkably nonjudgmental, certainly of tourists, but also of their gay and lesbian neighbors.

Some Arubans are out, especially those under age 40; others aren’t. Those who are live pretty much like their straight friends and family. Gay visibility, especially in the hotel, restaurant, and entertainment industries, is undeniable. The influx of no-apologies gay Latinos over the past few years has increased gay visibility significantly. And if it’s any indication, the island’s top show for almost a decade was a drag-queen extravaganza!

And yes, there’s a gay bar here! Catch up at Jimmy’s Place.

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