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April 30, 2012
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May 9, 2012
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Enter to win a 3 Night Stay at Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten

Discover your ultimate Caribbean vacation when you enter to win a 3 night stay at Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten

The Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten is an island treasure featuring 310 luxuriously appointed guest rooms and 15 suites, each with french doors leading to a balcony with an ocean or island view.

Westin is located on one of St. Maarten’s most beautiful beaches, ideal for the ultimate Caribbean vacation. While visiting, pamper yourself in our Hibiscus spa, explore local beaches on the island, discover St. Maarten’s best scuba diving spots, or catch a local ferry for a day trip to the islands of St. Bart and Anguilla.

How to enter:

For the chance to win this incredible prize, simply post a reply to this blog entry answering the question, “Why should you win a 3 Night Stay at Westin Dawn Beach? ” in 10 words or less. Please include your email address when commenting.

Entries must be submitted by May 27, 2012 June 15, 2012.

The winner will be announced on May 29, 2012 June 18, 2012. You are only allowed to enter our contest once. Remember, your reply must be 10 words or less or it will not be considered. And just to be clear, we’re giving away a 3 Night Stay at Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten including breakfast. Voucher does not include resort taxes and fees, personal extras and airfare.

Blackout dates may apply.

Terms & Conditions: Our staff along with a representative of Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa St. Maarten will pick the entry that we think best answers the question above, in 10 words or less. Any other expenses not specifically listed above are not included. An adult must accompany all children under 18 years. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value.

Contest sponsored by Westin Dawn Beach Resort & Spa, St. Maarten.


  1. would like to stay for 3 weeks and 3 nights free would be a great deal! been there once after Hurricane Louis and it was beautiful to me then…I could only imagine how beautiful it is now. alm403@yahoo.com

  2. Suï Yiñ says:

    I need a vacation away from the pressures of everyday life.

  3. Mary G Beggan says:

    Celebrating 50th birthday, 25th wedding anniversary and 5 years cancer free! jmbeggan05@aol.com

  4. Shari Bruce says:

    I know this beach. It calls to me in my dreams – "When are you coming back?" szbruce@aol.com.

  5. 2 year anniversary soon, trying to start our family! Vacation! Arsenault90@gmail.com

  6. Hardworking husband….50 soon…3 daughters..braces, college, wedding…"drama".

  7. Kari Jackson says:

    Because I need it and would absolutely love it! jacksonkari4@gmail.com

  8. Charity Seitz says:

    works 3 jobs. master's degree in psychology to help veterans. charity.seitz@gmail.com

  9. Military widow,need break,want 2 enjoy vaK w/kids

  10. Celeste Flores Araujo says:

    Been married 6 years, and we didn't get to have a honey moon

  11. Jessica Soto Munoz says:

    married 6 years, no honeymoon, husband unemployed 1 year, STRESS RELIEF!

  12. fulltime nurse, fulltime student, wife, trying to conceive, stress reliever.

  13. Elizabeth Scott says:

    My Destination/Reward For hitting 100 weight loss goal by February!!

  14. Janet Horne says:

    Favorite spot with husband who died in January. Relive memories.

  15. Laurie Fraelich Kling says:

    Hardworking wife of 25yrs. needs a vacation!

  16. Vilma Crissien Yatim says:

    Because I'm desperately stressed and would enjoy this with my family so much!!! Thanks for the chance :)))

  17. Jody Morris says:

    I love the sun and fun! jody_64@msn.com

  18. Perfect place to stay while diving in St.Maarten. kypreddragon@gmail.com

  19. Would love to stay at the wonderful Westin again FREE!

  20. Just got married in February at the sonesta maho beach club but because the wedding was a cruise we only got to be on the island for 45 minutes and we were with our 20 relatives for the week. We need to come back and explore the beautiful island and have a honeymoon for two :)address is krystaldorr @yahoo.com

  21. Jennifer Caravaglio says:

    Hard working mom of 2. Sometimes you just need a break!

  22. Dawn Jones says:

    My name is DAWN! We can’t afford much needed vacations!!

  23. Walter Protas says:

    So I have enought time to buy 4 more weeks.

  24. Monica Fitzgerald says:

    I would love to return to St. Maarten and my wonderful husband needs to experience such a beautiful island!

  25. joan cristiano says:

    I need toes in water, a** in sand – of course!

    • Suï Yiñ says:

      I just need a vacation away from the pressures of everyday life where I can relax and not have to worry about a thing.

  26. Imtiaz Ali says:

    A place for me and my true love of 10yrs.

  27. Dwain Lopez says:

    Want to get renew vows where Europe meets the Caribbean!

  28. Becky Norman-Gomez says:

    Single mom, nursing school student, Breast Cancer Pre-Vivor!!(9 reconstruction surgeries)

  29. The best place to be with the one you love.

  30. Julie says:

    I still believe dreams can come true! My dream!

  31. Scott Moore says:

    My wife and I have stayed there quite a few times and the service is wonderful!

  32. A deserving Dad who worked three jobs for his family! fopfire@yahoo.com

  33. Patricia Janulewicz says:

    My husband and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary and would love to get away to St. Martin for a fabulous stay at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort. We love the Caribbean and I would love to surprise my husband with a wonderful trip.

  34. Alan Ryan says:

    Not for me, but Mom's health issues, needs a break! alnryn@hotmail.com

  35. Traci Schieber says:

    I NEED to win this vacation because I am recently serparated from my husband of 11 yrs. I am raising 3 special needs adopted children by myself. The Caribbean is a DREAM of MINE.

  36. Eileen Castañón Rosado says:

    Diagnosed with cancer for 2nd time, I deserve to destress…ecastanone6@hotmail.com.

  37. Kathy Kidd says:

    Caregiver 10 years, musician, LOVE blue water! kkidd2001@yahoo.com

  38. shanty says:

    graduating university and moving back to support/better my island – shantywagenaar@gmail.com

  39. Mi yoon says:

    Sprained foot for 3 months, out of work. Deserve it!

  40. Bruce Park says:

    Because I love both….

  41. Terri Kinlan says:

    Hubby was sick all winter & could use a retreat….. takinlan@comcast.net

  42. I LOVE ST. MAARTEN! It's my absolute favorite place on earth. A vacation here would be amazing. Please pick me and my sweet hubby! 🙂 emily.farque@homail.com

  43. Gorgeous resort on the best island in the caribbean!

  44. Davey Woods says:

    I need a break, my body needs the Westin Resort.

  45. Donna Asbury Knable says:

    20th Anniversary May 9th never been on honeymoon. 2sassie4u@insightbb.com

  46. Noris Villarreal says:

    i never have been the oportunity to travel out of my country…may be this cuoul be the first time

  47. Bobby Jones says:

    Because I would love to celebrate my 10 year anniversary there

  48. Silver wedding anniversary in the months ahead. St Maarten has always been a destination on my " to visit list " and a stay at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort would be the ideal location to celebrate the event.

  49. Mac McMasters says:

    Start a new tradition with Westin DBR&S, celebrate our Anniversary!

  50. SUPER Fathers Day n bthdy gift for me. PICK ME (shamchar@live.com) 🙂

  51. DAN BOWDEN says:


  52. I needs a vacation and I deserve one to a beautiful island

  53. Terri Lovell says:

    Haven’t been on honeymoon would love Westin St. Marteen!

  54. Terri Lovell says:

    Haven’t been on honeymoon-would love Westin St. Marteen!

  55. Marnie Robbins says:

    Cuz it’s on my bucket list. Marn333@hotmail.com

  56. Kim deakins says:

    It’s my birthday and Iwant to party at the Westin Dawn! Wooooohooooo!

  57. Susan Schaffer says:

    My 30th birthday is July 6! BEST GIFT EVER!

  58. Al Lowe says:

    Our Wedding Anniversary would be heavenly at the Westin!

  59. Richard says:

    Desiring a tropical breeze kiss with a crystal blue embrace.

  60. Frank Heller says:

    Because my wife and I REALLY need it!

  61. Lifetime experience in the most SENSATIONAL place on Earth! – gypsijen@yahoo.com

  62. a 3 night stay at Westin Dawn Beach is priceless.

  63. Shelby Thomas W says:

    It will be amazing to Celebrate my b-day this june 18 at a wonderfull Hotel like the Westin Dawn Beach Resort, b-days are only once a year and great time and memories are always welcome and appreciated. shethowa@hotmail.com

  64. Paige Dorsey says:

    Boyfriend needs break from Med School before he goes CRAZY! paige.v.dorsey@gmail.com

  65. Lyle Medford says:

    Dating 5 Years waiting on St. Maarten for wedding! lylemedford@yahoo.com

  66. Jaime says:

    Because Westin Dawn Beach needs me, I am awesome.

  67. Marie D Halvorsen-Leake says:

    Rained 5 out of 7 days on our honeymoon. mhalvorsen81@gmail.com

  68. Alex Gorouvein says:

    My wife and I deserve it! gorik1970@gmail.com

  69. I'd love to have a 2nd honeymoon with the hubby here! jenniferfigueroa111@gmail.com

  70. Al Lowe says:

    Wedding anniversary would be heavenly at the Westin St. Maarten!

  71. Nancy Slankard says:


  72. Nelson Monroy G says:

    Best paradise in the caribbean! nelsonamonroy@gmail.com

  73. Heavenly Beds; need to relax; small kids; love my wife! – arron.nesbitt@yahoo.com

  74. Michael Incandela says:

    I should win this because I live breath and sleep Caribbean. St. Maartin is the jewel of the Caribbean and I would certainly make the most of it! Plus it would vve an excellent wedding gift!

  75. Stacey Stacious Lalchan says:

    I love Beaches|Traveling wont mind visiting St. Maarten….. staceylalchan@hotmail.com

  76. Becky Hergenrother says:

    St. Maarten is the best island and this resort looks like the perfect place to enjoy the island. Would love my 6th visit to the island to be here!

  77. Thomas Auriemma says:

    I was told memories at Dawn Beach last a lifetime

  78. Sheri Wright says:

    To see the friendly people of st martins again!

  79. Christina Garuccio says:

    To scope out a place to be a massage therapist!

  80. Bari Stern says:

    30th birthday present! baristacey@gmail.com

  81. Mom's post-birthday to be an experience of a lifetime… shane.n.lexus@hotmail.com

  82. George Spitzer says:

    St. Maarten + the Westin = Awesome Birthday Present!

  83. Jill Lomonte says:

    What more could you want…St. Maarten and the Weston!

  84. Andrew Peterson says:

    Parents together 20 years, much needed R&R from me! andrew_peterson@live.com

  85. Rushank Bhawnani says:

    My parents deserve an outing for the stress I give! rushi_95@hotmail.com

  86. the best gift for my hardworking dad on his birthday! akshaylachmandas@gmail.com

  87. Jodi Geery says:

    Because I need a break from my life: perfect place.

  88. Erik Cullins says:

    Beautiful Westin
    in tropical paradise.
    pure relaxation

  89. Bill Unwin says:

    anniversary in June, wife unemployed, stuck in Canada.

  90. Dwight Kelly says:

    Loyal Westin customer who really needs a beach break. dkelly.at.yahoo.com

  91. Frangelyn Dijkhoff says:

    St.Maarten & The Westin hotel mean REAL VACATION! frange-d@live.com

  92. Cheryl Hicks says:

    Saint Maarten luxury adventure would be paradise to remember!

  93. Michelle Weber says:

    Four daughters=lots of drama! Need vacation ASAP!!

  94. Sharon Mulvie says:

    We are married 51 years & would love to renew our vows there!

  95. To have the perfect family reunion. Been too long! miss.romney@gmail.com

  96. To Discover the Ultimate Caribbean Sweet Escape and Entertainment Getaway. benniebravo@hotmail.com

  97. Thomas Benoit says:

    To Discover the Ultimate Caribbean Sweet Escape and Entertainment Getaway.

  98. How fun it would be as an anniversary gift.

  99. Richard Doherty says:

    Desiring a tropical breeze kiss with a crystal blue embrace. rdoherty@yahoo.com

  100. Carolyn Marie Cabanski Doherty says:

    Granting us paradise perfection means parents experience Nirvana with teens! carinterri@gmail.com

  101. Dawn Carlson Cruickshank says:

    20th Anniversary + Unexpected house repairs = No vacation budget.

    • Jackie Gick Zalewski says:

      🙁 what house repairs??? Do they look like mine?

    • Dawn Carlson Cruickshank says:

      Jackie Gick Zalewski -sinking foundation -absolutely NO insullation in the crawlspace – family room 20 degrees colder than house, fence behind fell into neighbors yard, washing machine stopped working – all within 3 months:(

    • Been there this year also…hang in there …light is at the end of the tunnel.

  102. Dan Bowden says:

    My lovely wife DESERVES it. She is a great mom and a Principal of a school. After being in charge of over 800 kids every day all year…She needs and DESERVES an awesome vacation.

  103. Lea Kennedy says:

    Today is my birthday! Never been anywhere! Please help! LOL

  104. Tamara Worrell says:

    Beaches + SPA+ Pools + Great Food +Comfy Beds + Rooms + St. Maarten= RELAXATION

  105. My wife deserves this. Been married 10 years, no honeymoon.

  106. Jennifer Wolfe says:

    Love to scuba and spa everywhere I get a chance!

  107. I work hard and deserve a relaxing vacation – dbaenen@new.rr.com.

  108. Tamara Worrell says:

    Beaches + SPA+ Pools + Great Food +Comfy Beds and Rooms + St. Maarten= RELAXATION

  109. Wilma S Crissien says:

    Calgon take me away! 😉

  110. Anthony Yatim says:

    I need a break! antonioyatim@gmail.com

  111. Marianne DiGiaro says:

    Take me away! Dawn Beach!

  112. David D says:

    I’d love to win it as much or more than anyone. 5 year anniversary is coming up.

  113. Liz Piechnik says:

    I would be wonderful to sit in sun after surviving breast cancer. I went through surgery, radiation and chemo. I just got all my hair back. It would be such a relaxing trip and I am thankful to be alive.

  114. Virginie Reynard says:

    to discover and enjoy an exquisite resort and have an unforgettable lifetime experience……..

  115. Dave Lord says:

    We don't deserve this trip; but would love to spend a few nights at a beautiful resort like the Westin Dawn Beach. Mostly because my girlfriend needs a rest after her fall down some stairs in the apartment.

  116. Suzanne Guido says:

    My Son, My firstborn, My Baby, my heart is leaving 🙁

  117. Jon T Myers says:

    I think my wife deserves it because she is a mother of 2 kids plus my daughter works 3rd shift as an ICU nurse currently going to school and is in court every other week fighting for her kids. All of this adds up and stresses her out and we cant afford a vacation. I think my wife deserves it. Thanks

  118. Jamie 'Palermo' Dykstra says:

    Spend quality time with husband and son relaxing in paradise!

  119. Married 23 years and a honeymoon will be a blessing.. gailerz@hotmail.com

  120. Stressed out!!! Need vacation before i end up in jail. chrislozier1@hotmail.com

  121. Jon Myers says:

    I think my wife deserves it because she is a mother of 2 kids plus my daughter works 3rd shift as an ICU nurse currently going to school and is in court every other week fighting for her kids. All of this adds up and stresses her out and we cant afford a vacation. I think my wife deserves it. Thanks

  122. Natasha Alleyne says:

    I work hard no vacation in two years, i need badly. nat_alleyne@hotmail.com

  123. Because its ''Simple the Best"

  124. Kimberly Burke says:

    My son's going to college, I need a getaway!

  125. Brian Mack says:

    Westin Dawn Beach is heaven on earth!!

  126. Emily Summers says:

    Need to bring sister to most beautiful place Ive been. emily.summers@yahoo.com

  127. Chris Verstraete says:

    because Dawn Beach is better with the Westin on it!

  128. Sandy Hughes says:

    Because life keeps throwing me curve balls and sometimes strikes! shughes33@gmail.com

  129. Rebecca says:

    I gotta to fly to saint somewhere!

  130. Lucette Glasgow says:

    Because it’s the best place to be in Sint-Maarten

  131. Mirukia Connor says:

    it's the best place to be in Sint-Maarten! fataleruption@hotmail.com

  132. Patricia says:

    Everybody needs a little St. Maarten.

  133. William says:

    Because its always nice to return to paradise!

  134. Dana says:

    To see the joy in my children’s faces as they splash in the ocean 🙂

  135. I turn 50 in November and want to celebrate! tmbdugan@cox.net

  136. Onicka Isaac says:

    St.Maarten is the number one island to vacation on.onickaweekes757@hotmail.com.

  137. Jennifer Miller says:

    My husband deserves to get away after recovering from Cancer. j.emiller@wightman.ca.

  138. Marcus Der André says:

    St. Maarten is the best spot for holiday and sailing!

  139. This IS where hubby & I will retire! Never enough! kimt@libertytran.com

  140. 3 NIGHTS is NOT enough! LOL ! Hi gf!

  141. Rebecca says:

    12 years marriage, 3 kids, 2 jobs, 1 soul mate.

  142. Julie Strickland says:

    Cause Idaho sucks and the Caribbean doesn’t! See airplanes close.

  143. Hudson Blue says:

    My last vacation was 5 years ago.
    It was in St Maarten and was the best time I ever had. Please pick me.

  144. Vesa Lamminen says:

    I was in St.Maarten last month and my heart left there!

  145. Bruce Moore says:

    Great place to stay on our trip to St Martin June! highlandsbruce@gmail.com

  146. Dan Hartle says:

    A stay at the Westin would be Heavenly in St. Maarten

  147. Kylie Almond says:

    A prefect honeymoon location in paradise..

  148. I'm a Girl Scout Leader and could really use rest USMCMOM1102@AOL.COM.

  149. Earlrich Lourens says:

    I was there a time ago as guest and I talk so much about the hotel and my friends and wife want to stay there when we arrive on SXM. My will be in SXM, thus I want to win this unbelievable 3 night stay at West in. early_lourens@hotmail.com

  150. Kari Beach says:

    We are the BEACHes, from the WEST; it’s destiny!

  151. because sandyb133@aol.com knows dawn beach is beautiful!

  152. Melanie Richard says:

    Spent honeymoon there and it became our heaven on earth.

  153. Melanie Richard says:

    Simply put, heaven on earth! melllief@gmail.co,

  154. Westin rocks! Fantabulous way to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

  155. It's going to be a year since I left my family and my island to further my studies. Would be wonderful to spend a weekend with them at Westin to celebrate our reunion. miss.romney@gmail.com

  156. Marianne DiGiaro says:

    The best place for a vacation SXM Westin Dawn Beach.

  157. Marianne DiGiaro says:

    I really need a vacation and I love SXM and the Westin Dawn Beach Resort!

  158. The Westin Hotel is such a very nice place… chona423@yahoo.com

  159. Chona de Guzman says:

    The Westin Hotel is such a very nice place…

  160. Chona de Guzman says:

    The Westin Hotel is such a very nice place……

  161. Leslie Poldervaart says:

    Love Sint Maarten!!! Husband passed away want to relive memories!!!!

  162. Mary says:

    Westin Beach Resort and St. Maarten Rocks!

  163. Judit Zachariás says:

    St. Marteen is my favorit place on the wrold 🙂

  164. Nina Joyce says:

    Westin Dawn Beach + St. Maarten + Nina Joyce = The Friendly Island

  165. Jennifer Bass says:

    No laundry, cooking, cleaning, carpooling for three days? So perfect!

  166. Mary says:

    I fell in love with St. Maarten on a recent cruise and would love to spend more than 8 hours on this beautiful island. The Westin Resort looks amazing!!

  167. Marcelle Doherty says:

    We LOVE St. Maarten and want to visit again!

  168. The people. atmosphere, beauty. It's like having a second home.

  169. Hubby's 40th bday June 16! We LOVE St. Martin.

  170. marissa joyce says:

    Best island in the Caribbean at the greatest hotel-WESTIN!

    • marissa joyce says:

      My 10 words or less entry is above as stated in the rules, but I wanted to elaborate more why I feel I should win, I have been to nearly every island in the Caribbean and Sint Maarten is my absolute favorite, the island has so much to offer with such incredible diversity with the two sides Dutch and French and the quality of the Westin Hotels is impeccable, this property is especially stunning!

  171. Mayelyn Draper says:

    I haven't seen oh sweet SXM land in 6 years! labellamaj_10@hotmail.com

  172. No batter place than Dawn Beach Resort, St. Maarten.

  173. DAW says:

    Wonder how it is to blog from your beautiful island! dawonline@gmail.com

  174. Lisa Shipp says:

    Excited about the thought of St. Maarten.

  175. Lisa Shipp says:

    St. Martin is absolutely beautiful, would love to be there!

  176. Gerado Bechara says:

    Want to go new honeymoon with my endless love Fabiana

  177. Weston Dawn Beach wins my heart over and over! Merci!

  178. Carolyn Reidy says:

    So I can take my parents on a 60th wedding anniversary. They have always given up everything for their 5 kids and never traveled anywhere. They are now in their 70s and I would love to take them on a vacation to St. Maartin and what better place than the Westin.

  179. Follow us on facebook at Westin Dawn Beach and show some love!

  180. Ahisha Nunes says:

    A getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

  181. Agnetha says:

    It’s the most romantic getaway for your family in SXM

  182. Michelle Quintana says:

    Because we need a romantic place to make a baby! michellequintana03@gmail.com

  183. Maureen Dahms says:

    cuz it's paradise there! oh and our 30th anniversary on the 30th….with my hubby Larry Dahms.. m.dahms@hotmail.com

  184. Love the Friendly Westin Dawn, make Friends for Life

  185. annalicia says:

    To get away from life, discover a place with rave reviews.

  186. Amy Jamison says:

    Visited on cruise. Love to stay longer. Gorgeous!!!

  187. I own a travel agency and I have never been there. Would love to go there.

  188. Nancy Sivec says:

    To experience the heart of St Martin

  189. Nancy Sivec says:

    To experience the core of St Martin

  190. Joanne Wall Waylett says:

    Because the Westin Dawn Beach Resort is Amazing..jjtravels57@sbcglobal.net.

  191. Michelle MQ says:

    We need a romantic place to make a baby!

  192. Keith Paris says:

    Need to get away and maybe save our marriage.

  193. 19th Anniversary is May 29th. Work opposite schedules. CELEBRATE LOVE! bob_voni@yahoo.com

  194. Lisa says:

    To rediscover the serenity of the Caribbean. lisapacific809@yahoo.com

  195. Yolanda Russell says:

    Best resort on the friendly island! This will be great for my wedding gift..

  196. Sherri Vaughn says:

    I need to disconnect and enjoy God’s beautiful creations.

  197. Paulette & Nicholas Applegarth says:

    To much Overtime, Need some “Us” Time<3

  198. Yannis Delvas says:

    Because I never won a game. Dream!

  199. Charisse Nilles says:

    Seven days of vacation with my parents.
    Need private vacation!

  200. Gaby Lieuw says:

    Want to feature it on my Dutch Caribbean blog: http://www.sand-and-stilettos.com!

  201. ROBIN M. CARIVEAU says:


  202. St Maarten is truly heaven on earth! kbugeja@rogers.com

  203. Michael Sewell says:

    luxury style with majestic views this is heaven on earth michaelsewell@gcom.net.au.

  204. I am a hard working student who needs a break.

  205. Marci says:

    10th Wedding Anniversary July 13th, need I say more?!

  206. Tammy Slopack says:

    where I met the love of my life, Personal & Renewing!

  207. Anna Maria Martin says:

    Love the beach!! Live in Idaho, no beaches.

  208. Asbury Susan says:

    To celebrate the adoption of our son. Scubashoozy@rocketmail.com

  209. Alexi Barbosa says:

    Because it's my only home away from home. (Aleximb18@aol.com)

  210. To celebrate life ion such a nice island. Relaxing moments that we also have on our radio 91.9 Planet Jazz Montreal Quebec michelwduguay@sympatico.ca.

  211. Rhonda Clise-Roy says:

    I have never been to an island, beach or ocean. rhondaroy88@gmail.com

  212. Laura Bove says:

    Because I LOVE St. Marrten, the most beautiful Caribbean island!

  213. Cindy Ali says:

    "Because its the ideal place for my ultimate caribbean vacation" pennycin@hotmail.com.

  214. Renee Herbert says:

    I haven't had a vacation in YEARS! I used to go to St. Martin/St. Maarten every year until the bottom fell out of my life and there was no joy to be had…no fun….just struggle after struggle….I NEED some JOY….the kind that only the blue-green water, palm trees, and wonderful people of St. Martin/St. Marteen can bring!

  215. Paula Redman says:

    Westin + St Maarten = A Dream Come True

  216. Flame Ingo says:

    St Maarten sounds sooo exciting… festivals, good food, people who know how to ENJOY and to meet up with friends.

  217. John Morgan says:

    We have visited The Westin Dawn Beach Resort several times in the past, enjoying Pirates Night, and other events. I have been trying to decide where my wife and I could celebrate 30 years of marriage and the Westin at Dawn Beach would truly be the ultimate destination to celebrate such an occasion. We have always found the staff to be very professional and they have always made us feel special and this occasion would appreciate that special feeling. Thanks for this chance to truly make our special day even more special.

  218. Follow us on facebook at Westin Dawn Beach and show some love!

  219. Petr Gabrhelik says:

    Coming back and celebrate 22nd anniversary.

  220. Leslie Aldridge says:

    To be in the most beautiful island in the world

  221. Simona Covaci says:

    Because I love St. Martin and your hotel!

  222. Jennifer Miller says:

    Because my husband deserves to get away after recovering from Cancer and going back to college. It would help with his new lease on life! Not to mention some mommy and daddy time 🙂 j.emiller@wightman.ca.

  223. MYLENE EDMOND says:

    S…erenity kingdom!
    N…est of Caribbean lovers

  224. Trai says:

    Dream of experiencing each carribean island in style

  225. atie mulder says:

    because a deserve the best and thise look great I am a hard working woman,on holliday at curacao on juli / augustus and like to visite your lovelyplace for free,xxxxxx from a lovely lady from Holland.

  226. Ammie Chesney-Kluss says:

    Want to come back ASAP!!! Love this Island=)

  227. Brittany Graham says:

    Britanica143@hotmail.com graduated and still has no job so let's party till 9-5 takes hold!

  228. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of my company Micro Estrie.

  229. Chris Turner says:

    Westin, Westin, Westin, we need some restin’, restin’, restin’.

  230. Chris Turner says:

    Westin, Westin, Westin, I need some restin’, restin’, restin’!

  231. Marcie Tamburelli says:

    After 24 years…DIVORCE! I need time to find myself.

  232. Karen Shupp says:

    Withdrawal symptoms from having been in St. Maarten last month!!

  233. Brianne Estes says:

    My e-mail is breebee16@hotmail.com

  234. To celebrate 7 years of LOVE with my husband 🙂

  235. Jeunik Yeung Bell says:

    I haven't visited home in years, hubby has never been.

  236. Craig Kessler says:

    Stayed at dawn beach ten times prior to Luis-loyalty!

  237. Brianne Estes says:

    My 30th Birthday is in a couple months

  238. Kie says:

    I would love to turn 40 in St. Martin because it will only happen once and why not share it on the island I Love!!!

  239. Jessica Pacheco says:

    Because I don’t want to vacation anywhere else!!!!

  240. Great food, and wonderful service!

  241. Jason Van Groningen says:

    Because my wife and I never got a honeymoon.


  242. The food is wonderful, and the service is great!

  243. John Pozniak says:


  244. Wayne Jayes says:

    European sophistication with Caribbean warmth is what I need.

  245. Tony Crumpmaster says:

    Today is my birthday, this would be the best present. Anthony.c9800@yahoo.com

  246. Debbie Van Dusen says:

    We came to your grand opening…LOVED IT…back please.

  247. Amy M Houston says:

    It was our family's favorite stop on our cruise! Mayechilde@gmail.com

  248. teri pozniak says:

    Westin Dawn Beach = returning.to.my.heavenly.slice.of.paradise.

  249. Oris Shaw says:

    To Explore Cultural diversity.

  250. Daniel Savard says:

    I should win because I can bring my friend for his birthday! It deserve it 🙂

  251. Stephanie Norton says:

    We have 4 kids and would love some mommy and daddy time.

  252. Connie Bello-Carpenter says:

    So we can celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

  253. Janik Tremblay says:

    because Westin Hotel is my favorite place in St Maarten !

  254. Michael Natlacen says:

    Because The Westin Dawn Beach is simply the best!

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