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Eco Adventure in Grenada

Almost one-ninth of Grenada’s landmass is preserved as parks and natural wildlife sanctuaries. The island is filled with lush landscapes, rainforests, waterfalls and fascinating flora and fauna! Get started planning your next Grenada eco adventure today!

Eco Soft Adventures


Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique offer experienced hikers challenging trails, with some lining lakes and others boasting rugged and untamed paths. Easy trails, suitable for the entire family, are also available. The rainforest and Grand Etang Forest Reserve is the most popular area for hiking and trekking, with highlights including mahogany and gommier trees, tropical flowers, indigenous plants, a variety of birdlife and adorable Mona Monkeys.

Natural Beauty

Among the natural beauty that visitors can come across on their hikes is the chance to explore the rainforest, and one of Grenada’s 15 waterfalls. Some, like Concord Falls, are accessible right off the road, while others might require a hike to get to such as a 30-minute hike to Mt. Carmel Waterfall. Visitors can also experience the natural soothing quality of Sulphur Springs, or take a hike that passes along one of Grenada’s many lakes. The 30-acre Grand Etang Lake is the crater of an extinct volcano. Birdwatching is big along Lake Antoine, as is a walk around its perimeter. Birdwatching in Grenada includes the opportunity for a sighting of the Grenada Dove, found only on Grenada. The Mt. Hartman National Park was established to protect these lovely winged creatures.

Turtle Watching

Plan your visit for April through July where you can view the nesting of Leatherback sea turtles on the offshore islands of Sandy Island and Carriacou. Levera Beach within Levera National Park is another major site for Leatherback sea turtle nesting.

More Adventures

For a unique view of Grenada’s landscape, take a dune buggy tour and head off-road to discover areas you wouldn’t normally get to see. A different way to explore Grenada’s inland waters is river tubing the Balthazar River. Ziplining lovers can take on the Grenada High Wire, a canopy tour that includes views of the Seven Sisters Waterfall and wildlife.

Flora & Fauna

Grenada’s beautiful flowers and plantlife has led to it winning 13 gold medals (including 2017) over the last 19 years at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. While on island, stroll through one of Grenada’s many beautiful gardens including Sunny Side Gardens, Palm Tree Gardens and The Tower.

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