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Dominica For The Budget Conscious Traveller


The Caribbean is often thought as a destination for the rich and famous but the island of Dominica can be enjoyed on a budget without cutting down on experience.

Here are some tips for enjoying Dominica without having to spend a fortune:

The best way – and the cheapest! – to fully experience the varied terrain and natural beauty of Dominica is on foot. Although a pass may be needed for some sites, such as National Parks, it only costs $12 per week!

Natural wellbeing: Relieve aching muscles with a dip in one of Dominica’s many hot springs, where the water temperature is comparable to a hot bath. Visitors can also take advantage of the island’s volcanic, mineral-rich mud in abundant natural supplies. An hour’s dip in a mud bath and a sulphur pool start from $10.

With some of the healthiest reefs on the Caribbean, Dominica is considered one of the world’s top destinations for scuba diving. Most dives cost about $75 – but if you opt for snorkelling instead you will still get a taste of Dominica’s underwater world yet much cheaper, around $24.

If you want to try something more adventurous, mountain biking is available on the island. This is a very cost effective way of seeing the island as prices for half-day rental start from only $24.

Want to see Dominica in full swing? Then the Carnival season is probably the best time to go. Dominicans love any reason to party and Carnival, taking place in February or March, is the biggest excuse of all, with street parades and free entertainment.

Here are some options for affordable accommodation:

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  1. It is for the budget and eco-friendly traveler. It is truly a Poetic Island.

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