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Diving on Saba

underwater life Saba DivingDiving on Saba

Saba Marine Park on the tiny Caribbean island of Saba offers incredible diving for divers of all levels of ability and experience. Its pristine reefs and awesome underwater mountains or pinnacles have earned its reputation as a must-see site for divers new and old.

About Saba Marine Park

Established in 1987, Saba Marine Park is one of the best preserved marine sites in all the world. Strict limits on fishing imposed by the government have helped protect fish stocks and create one of the most unspoilt underwater environments anywhere in the world.

Boasting no less than 28 permanent dive sites, visitors to Saba are virtually guaranteed an enthralling dive at any time of year. During the winter months, temperatures tend to hover between 77 and 80 degrees farenheit, while in summer the water is a pleasant 80 to 85 degrees.

Dive Operators

Visitors to the island have the choice of three official dive operators when visiting the Saba Marine Park. Each are fully equipped with the latest equipment and can cater to all levels of experience. Each of the three operators run dive courses, making Saba a great place to come if you`re looking to learn to dive.

Dive Sites

Because Saba is such a small island, each of its 28 dive sites are within easy reach of the mainland. Getting to any of the sites takes a matter of minutes by boat, meaning you have plenty of time to spend exploring under the sea.

Each site offers divers opportunities to explore the rich marine life as well as the underwater reefs, tunnels and rock formations which tell of the islands volcanic past.

The Pinnacles: Third Encounter, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and Shark Shoals

The Pinnacles and Seamounts of Saba make for an unforgettable dive, not just for the sealife which can be enjoyed around them but for the amazing structures themselves. Known as Third Encounter, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and Shark Shoals, the pinnacles or underwater mountains rise dramatically from the ocean bed, presenting fantastic opportunities to observe rich and varied marine life.

Man O War Shoals and Diamond Rock

Two other pinnacles which offer amazing opportunities to get up close and personal with awe-inspiring sea life are the Man O War Shoals and Diamond Rock. Although they are classified as pinnacles, these have bottoms of volcanic sand at around 80 feet. This is where to come to see sites such as barracuda, flying gurnards, blue tang and jawfish.

Ladder Bay

The area known as Ladder Bay on the leeward coast of the island is home to three spectacular dive sites: Custom House, Porites Point, Babylon, Ladder Labyrinth and Hot Springs. This is where to come to remind yourself of Saba`s volcanic origins and a popular location for night dives. Marine life often spotted around Ladder Bay includes sea turtles, nurse sharks and even rare seahorses and spotted eagle rays.

Getting There and Around

Althought the island is small, many visitors choose to hire a car or bike for the duration of their trip. Visitors must first take a flight to St Maarten, then take a connecting boat or plane to the island of Saba.

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