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Could this be the perfect Caribbean island for watersports?

The island of Barbados is blessed with unparalleled conditions for just about every watersport you can imagine! The Atlantic Ocean provides surfing waves fit for the champions frequent the island for training, while the calm Caribbean waters invite all kinds of unique exploration opportunities above and below the surface. Click here to browse some of the best watersports in Barbados for your next trip!

Jetblading in Barbados

The west coast’s placid waters are ideal for jetblading, water-skiing and parasailing. The south coast’s optimum conditions for windsurfing draw competitors from around the globe to the Windsurfing World Cup Championships.

Snorkeling in Barbados

The crystal-clear waters off the white-sand beaches of Barbados are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, with visibility between 80 to 98 feet for most of the year.

Diving in Barbados

More than two dozen dive sites sit between the western and southern coasts of Barbados, including Carlisle Bay, which is a natural harbor that has been turned into a marine park.

The island is famous among divers as the “shipwreck capital of the Caribbean” and also tops the list of sites for avid scuba divers because of its extensive system of fringing reefs, patch reefs and an unusual bank reef.

Barbados Fishing Charters

Charter companies offer deep-sea fishing excursions in Barbados in pursuit of prized catches, from barracuda to kingfish.

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