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Central America’s Caribbean – perfect for any vacation getaway!

The Central American Caribbean is an ideal vacation spot sought out by families all over the world. Every Central American country, with the exception of El Salvador, borders the Caribbean sea. Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama are included on this list, and the fusion of Caribbean and Central American cultures makes for a memorable and awe-inspiring travel experience.

In Panama’s Caribbean Coast, you can trek out to Kuna Yala, which features some of the most pristine islands found throughout the entire Caribbean. If you don’t consider yourself to be a hardy adventurer, try out Bocas del Toro instead, which is much more tourist-friendly. Naturally, the Panana Canal is another popular destination, linking the sea with the Pacific Ocean for a gorgeous time of R&R.

Over in Costa Rica, you’ll find destinations such as Tortuguero, which was named after the abundant sea turtle population found in the region. Costa Rica’s Pacific side is where all tourists come to visit, and you’ll find plenty to do from shopping to wining and dining. Be sure to also check out wild Limon and beautiful Puerto Viejo.

Another incredibly popular vacation destination is Honduras, especially the Bay Islands. Here you will find great diving and the chance to rub elbows with whale sharks. La Ceiba also contains many pretty beaches and many smaller remote towns are also open to visitors.

Looking for something smaller and private? Try Guatemala, which usually only serves as a Segway for tourists going between Honduras and Belize. The lively locals will be found in Livingston of Garifuna, or capture nature’s mystery through the rainforest Rio Dulce.

For those willing to take on a bit of adventure, Nicaragua is a perfect destination both for its beauty and its seafood. Lobster is a favorite food here, and you can also scuba dive in some of the best spots Central America has to offer.

Finally, the most popular of all Central American Caribbean nations is Belize. This is where you will find the most authentic Caribbean culture in the region, and enjoy natural wonders like the Belize Barrier Reef.

Wherever you choose to go, Central America’s Caribbean is home to countless beaches and expansive ocean lines perfect for any vacation getaway.


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