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Grenada’s Carriacou boasts some of the most beautiful coral reefs in all of the Caribbean. Known as the “Land of Reefs,” the island boasts shallow, crystal clear water. Carriacou is home to some 8000 or so residents who are proud and true to the island’s culture.

The main town on Carriacou is Hillsborough. Just offshore, Sandy Island is one of the nicest beaches here, although due to recent storms and the gradually rising sea have taken their toll on this tiny spit of land. Anyone with access with a boat can give you a ride out to Sandy Island for a small fee, usually about $20 roundtrip. Rolling hills cut a wide swath through the middle of Carriacou, from Gun Point in the north to Tyrell Bay in the south.

The earliest written records of the island date as far back to 1656 and suggest that Caribs named Carriacou ‘Kayryouacou’, meaning ‘land surrounded by reef’. Archaeological discoveries of pottery tools from approximately 1000 AD reveal that Arawaks and Caribs from South America were the first settlers on the beautiful island.

Despite its tiny size, Carriacou has several distinct cultures. Hillsborough is decidedly English; the southern region, around L’Esterre, reflects French roots; and the northern town of Windward has Scottish ties. African culture, though, is the overarching influence.

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There are a number of properties on the island at which you can enjoy your stay, these include: Bayaleau Point Cottages, located on Windward Bay and offers charming self-catering accommodation with free Wi-Fi. Located just 5 minutes from the sea, Cherry Hill Apartment boasts excellent ocean views from its private furnished terrace. Carriacou Grand View features free wifi, on-site bar and sun terrace. The Green Roof Inn is a Swedish family run guest house on Carriacou and offers reasonable rates. 

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The journey to Carriacou is a short fifteen minutes ride by air or two hours by sea. Whichever option you choose you are sure to have an exciting trip filled with breathtaking views of the islands. Once on the island, Isle of Reefs Tours are readily available to help you create the perfect Carriacou trip experience, offering a number of exciting tours including trips to the Tobago Cays and activities including boat excursions, nature trails and hiking expeditions, to underwater snorkeling adventures and more.

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