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Canouan Island – a taste of paradise

Although small in size the Canouan islands are part of St. Vincent in the Grenadines and can be likened to an unexplored piece of paradise. Many travelers who make the journey to this island which measures at 1.2 miles by 3 miles, are often surprised at the many attractions it has to offer.

The bays called Friendship and Glossy separate the south of the island. While a reef runs around one side of the island, the highest point could be found on Mount Royal.

The island became independent in 1979 and was initially part of a British Colony. It is said the island’s history could be traced back to 200 years. Research indicates that a tribe by the name of Arawak, initially inhabited the land. This tribe came to the island on bunker canoes, and with the tribes people came a way of life and culture. Many years later this tribe was over thrown by another fierce group called Caribs.

About 200 years after Christopher Columbus discovered the island, Europeans who became curious then established a permanent settlement on the island. Although the Europeans were able to colonize small islands during its previous history, the landscape of the island, worked towards the favor of the Caribs and the tribe was able to fend off the Europeans for quite some time.

Considered a dream destination by most, this calm serene island has much to offer tourists. From the landscapes to the beautiful coral reefs, the scenery is endless. To explore the reefs visitors to the island could rent equipment at the Canouan Dive Centre. The centre caters to beginners as well as advanced divers. A dive involves not more than six people so everyone enjoys the dive, plus safety is also assured with experienced dive instructors accompanying the group. The centre is also involved in many conservation projects as well.

For visitors looking to indulge in some sun and sand, then lazing on the beach couldn’t be more perfect. There are hotels on the island which have options such as a pool, where guests could either relax there, or enjoy a tasty snack at an in house café. Special rates are available at the Tamarind Beach Hotel & Yacht Club!

The island also offers opportunities to engage in a variety of sports. The more popular ones are sailing, volley ball, wind surfing. While there are also options for a bit of exploring by foot, plane or through the use of a small boat.

This dream haven is the sought after destination of the more sophisticated traveler that prefers the finer things in life.

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