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June 17, 2019
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Cancun and things its famous for

Cancun is included in the list of five most popular world resorts. Clear turquoise water, water sports, sea fishing, hot Mexican and medium-hot international food offered in hundreds of restaurants – this is what the Mexican Cancun island is.

In 1970, the small sleepy fishing village of Cancun in the north-eastern part of the peninsula started its life as a first-rate sunny Caribbean resort. The Cancun strip looks like number “7”, and is about 400 meters wide and 30 km long. Its upper part overlooks Isla Mujeres (“Women Island”), with water always tranquil, whereas the lower part overlooks the sea with its impressive breakers. Its administrative centre is located on the mainland, but most of its hotels are found on Cancun strip, connected with the mainland by two bridges. And though there are about 600 thousand local people living here, the number of tourists coming to Cancun every year is about 8 million.

What Cancun is famous for are its unique white sandy beaches, which stay cool even at hot summer noon (thanks to this they are called “conditioned beaches”). The thing is, they consist not of silica, but of microscopic fossil plankton. Almost all Cancun beaches are public, only some of them are part of hotel property.

Further towards Tulum the quality of beaches is getting higher and higher and finally, in a wonderful small Tulum spot, it gets to its highest point. Here, unique small beach is found right amidst the Mayan Ruins. Book a tour to Tulum from Cancun.

A few resorts are equal to Cancun when it comes to beauty and clearness of its sea, proximity of archaeological zones and nature reserves and cleanness of its snow-white beaches. Here you can make a Cancun Underwater Bob Scooter & Snorkel Adventure. Tourists are brought to coral reefs on a catamaran and are dipped into the sea, where, using a special cycle, they can enjoy underwater rides and beauty of the sea bottom with its dwellers. Such underwater national parks as El Garrafon, Contoy, Xel Ha, Chankanaab Lagoon and Crococun are found near Cancun.

As for local attractions, the most popular local landmark is Chichen Itza – one of the last capitals of the Mayan civilization. Book a trip from Cancun to Chichen Itza, famous for its well-restored pyramid, Temple of the Warriors and the Cenote of Sacrifice. The best time to attend the place is the time of winter and spring solstice when a unique effect designed by ancient architects can be observed – the play of light and shadow creates an illusion of a giant dragon climbing downstairs.

As for Cancun’s nightlife, its bars, discos and clubs are remarkable for their loud music and southern temperament. In addition to ordinary restaurants, you can order your dinner meals on the Cancun pirate ship that travels back and forth along the coast.

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