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Boutique Caribbean Hotels


If you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean and looking to stay somewhere with a bit more charm and appeal, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Caribbean Travel & Leisure you can browse through some of the best small, luxury and boutique Caribbean hotels and get a better idea of what we have to offer. Not only do we offer a wide selection of smaller boutique hotels throughout the Caribbean islands, but we also search high and low to provide you the best deals on hotels throughout the entire Caribbean region.

Antigua & Barbuda

[hotel id=700187979 width=684]

[hotel id=700306370 width=684]

[hotel id=700177900 width=684]

[hotel id=700233992 width=684]

The Bahamas

[hotel id=700054275 width=684]


[hotel id=700178563 width=684]

[hotel id=700181620 width=684]

[hotel id=700172254 width=684]

[hotel id=700261708 width=684]


[hotel id=700578395 width=684]

Dominican Republic

[hotel id=700258322 width=684]

[hotel id=700316614 width=684]

[hotel id=700145549 width=684]

[hotel id=700318928 width=684]

[hotel id=700156743 width=684]


[hotel id=700187000 width=684]

[hotel id=700231160 width=684]

[hotel id=700276111 width=684]

[hotel id=700195272 width=684]


[hotel id=700258936 width=684]

[hotel id=700183503 width=684]

Puerto Rico

[hotel id=700134423 width=684]

[hotel id=700284578 width=684]

[hotel id=700161110 width=684]

St Barts

[hotel id=700233467 width=684]

St Kitts & Nevis

[hotel id=700597191 width=684]

St Lucia

[hotel id=700139435 width=684]

[hotel id=700149484 width=684]

[hotel id=700210737 width=684]

[hotel id=700011114 width=684]

St Martin

[hotel id=700012615 width=684]

[hotel id=700217053 width=684]

[hotel id=700431736 width=684]



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