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May 19, 2011
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Bon Appétit Martinique

Martinique - Le Domaine de Robinson -Anse Noire

This glorious Caribbean Island is a lush paradise where thousands of visitors spend quality time lounging around pools, sunning themselves on beaches and delighting in some of the best food and brilliant cocktails that could ever be found on this planet.

The capital of Fort de France is a vibrant and thriving town where France meets the Caribbean in a flurry of colour and delicious aromas. Looking out onto the natural harbour where sailboats sit idly waiting for the wind to get up, it is hard not to believe you have found the famous lost city of Shangri-la.

There are many wonderful places to eat in Martinique and over the years French cuisine has melted and blended into traditional Caribbean dishes. The mixture of tastes and spices is amazing. No matter where you go you will always be tempted by the wonderful aromas that linger in the air around you.

After an adventure up into the hills or a stroll along a beach what nicer way to relax than to explore the town, to discover a restaurant with smiling waiters ready to serve you a meal that you’ll never forget. Lobsters, fresh swordfish and many other great fish dishes with chicken curries and savoury rice to choose from, you will be thoroughly spoilt for choice. All this washed down with coconut punch or a Caribbean cocktail of your choice.

Relax and watch the glorious sunset with a ‘pina colada’, dine late into the night listening to the sound of the Caribbean. It is a unique experience which you will always remember with a smile on your face. For centuries, travellers to this island have found it to be a shelter from the storms over the Atlantic and just a wonderful place to be. The kettle drums of the islands will beckon you back to the sunshine Paradise of Martinique and its gastronomic delights.

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