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Bob Marley Caribbean Adventure

Guest Blogger James Helliwell invites you to enjoy a Bob Marley Caribbean Adventure!

Travelling in the Caribbean takes you out of the monotonous setting of work and school, and into the bright lights, sandy palm beaches, rich culture and amazing atmosphere of the Caribbean,  and if you travel at just the right time with a cruise liner, you might be able to catch some of the world’s hottest events.

The Caribbean comes alight with spirit even more so (if that is possible) during festival time. Caribbean nations host a wide number of festivals, paying tribute to local culture and lore.

Catch a Royal Caribbean cruise to get in on the fun and arrive just in time for the Bob Marley reggae festival! Scheduling ahead of time is a must, as the cruises fill up quickly during this time of the year.

Bob Marley Week is one of the most popular festivals is. It is an international celebration of reggae music and the life of Bob Marley. This is a must-see for reggae fans and Marley lovers. Come get that Marley high with a Caribbean cruise!

The Jamaican government celebrates the life of Bob Marley and the history of reggae music beginning February 6th, Bob Marley’s birthday. Events and festivities vary from year to year from street and block parties to dance contests. The events feature live entertainment, drinks, and delicious local food.

Kid-friendly parades and activities are also available for families looking to get the most out of their Caribbean vacation. Adult entertainment venues are also available within the local area for couples looking to spice it up a bit.

Ziggy Marley is usually in attendance in honor of his father, playing some of his father’s greatest hits with a live reggae band. Malian musician Habib Koite, along with many other greats from the Caribbean and West Africa, are also usually in attendance and sometimes even perform live shows.

Try out delicious local recipes as Caribbean restaurants open their doors to hungry tourists, featuring some local favorites such as spiced shrimp, hot pucos, and many more amazingly hot and delicious dishes. Taste some of the best food in the world with the accompaniment of live music!

Touring in the Caribbean is truly a unique experience. With so many activities going on during the spring and summer season, the locales are irresistible. The waters are at their warmest during this time of year, perfect for submerging in after a long day of dancing.

The government opens the Bob Marley museum for a special celebration, as well as Bob Marley’s burial site in Ochos Rios where more live music will take place to celebrate the musician.

For reggae fans and vacationers alike, make sure that you plan ahead of time in order to avoid severe backlog leading up to the last weeks before the cruise. Come get the Bob Marley high with a Caribbean cruise unlike any other! Make sure you make the 2012 Bob Marley Week a great way to banish those February blues!

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