May 12, 2010

Caribbean Beaches

Some of the Caribbean’s Best Beaches – Exposed! White sandy beaches edged with the ocean’s aqua tones are always inviting, and every local has a favorite […]
May 12, 2010

Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean Cuisine includes all of your favorites…seafood, chicken and steak…prepared with the flavorful and colorful ingredients of the islands. Some popular dishes are coconut shrimp, jerk […]
May 10, 2010
Images are courtesy of the St. Barts Tourist Board and Photographer : Laurent BENOIT

Top 5 reasons why St. Barts is romantic

St. Barts is truly one of the Caribbean’s top romantic destinations, and has built a reputation for just this with its beautiful pristine beaches, gourmet dining […]
April 30, 2010

Gay Caribbean Travel, Resorts & Vacations

The Caribbean attitude toward sexual preferences is relaxed. Combine the Caribbean with a rainbow twist, with its ‘fun in the sun’ destinations, and care free attitude […]
April 26, 2010

4 Sexy Caribbean Beaches

Without a doubt, the beaches in the Caribbean are some of the world’s sexiest – some clothing optional too! St. Barths’s Grande Saline Beach. Hidden behind […]
April 23, 2010

Enjoy Warm Sands and Hot Savings At Sandals Resorts:

Enjoy Warm Sands and Hot Savings At Sandals Resorts: Guests who take advantage of our hot savings will receive up to 2 nights free! Guests Who […]
April 11, 2010

Is Vacationing in the Caribbean Safe?

Acts of crime and violence can be found worldwide and so you don’t have to cancel your vacation to the Caribbean or think that one island […]
January 11, 2010

Experience St. Maarten on a budget

Known for its late night party scene, beach resorts, and world class dining, vacationing in St. Maarten doesn’t have to cost a fortune. $2 beers, hotels […]
December 18, 2009

Saba – A weekend getaway!

A sound Caribbean treasure surrounded by charm, thriving rain forest, offshore diving and breathtaking views. Day 1 – 15 minutes by plane or 1 hour by […]