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Best spots for Bird watching on Tobago

Tobago is one of the world’s premier eco tourism destinations and its some 430 bird species attract birdwatchers from all over the globe

Mot mot nests in the Tobago rainforest

The Forest Reserve in eastern Tobago is the oldest protected forest in the world and is literally packed  with avian  curiosities. Look out for the  beautiful  mot mot with its long ‘racquet’ tail feathers. Most extraordinary of all are their nests consisting of  tunnels dug two metres into the bank (to protect their eggs from snakes).

The Asa Wright Nature Centre The veranda at the Asa Wright Nature Centre is one of the largest you’ll ever see, but more importantly it is said to be the finest location for bird-watching in the Caribbean. You can expect to see 30 or 35 species. Watch out for hummingbirds, dogfighting tanagers, oro pendulas and bell birds with their amusing cry!

Arnos Vale Hotel

Every afternoon at 4pm the Arnos Vale Hotel comes alive with birdsong as the unique tea service begins. As guests enjoy afternoon tea a stunning array of tropical birds flock  to be fed by hand. This special bird watching ceremony is well-known by birdwatchers all over the world

Coco Reef Hotel Tobago

Not all birds are welcome guests at the breakfast table, but rather than ban them the owner of Coco Reef Tobago brought in three  birds of prey  that make a feature of keeping their smaller cousins under control.

The sheer presence of Coco, Lakshmi and Starling in the morning sunlight acts as a deterrent to the smaller birds such as banaquits and blackbirds who are relegated to watch from afar. Under the watchful eye of their trainer, Kelton Thomas, a professional falconer and ornithologist, the birds create a spectacle rarely seen over breakfast in the Caribbean.

Coco is a five year old male Harris hawk bred in captivity in England. Starling is a nine year old male Black hawk – a native of Tobago, he was rescued from the rainforest and Lakshmi is a huge ten year old female Indian eagle owl.

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