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Aruba, the island of 90,000 friends you haven’t met yet, is truly a special Caribbean vacation experience. The island provides excitement and entertainment for all through its luxurious hotels & resorts along the southwestern shore, championship golf courses, sumptuous spas, vibrant casinos, extraordinary international and local cuisine, exclusive shops and boutiques, exciting land and water activities, art galleries and museums, world-famous music festivals and events and clubs and cafes with live music. This cosmopolitan tropical destination filled with warm, hospitable people offers the perfect vacation spot for first-time guests and loyal visitors.

Outside of the resort areas and downtown Oranjestad, visitors are encouraged to explore the rest of the island during their stay. The rugged northwestern coast has its own beauty, including The California Lighthouse with incredible views of the Caribbean waters, and secluded beaches featuring great snorkeling and diving. The city of San Nicolas, lies on the island’s southeastern tip featuring picturesque beach spots and incredible diversification of nature. Inland Aruba presents a very unique Caribbean landscape of cactus, aloe and dramatic rock formations.

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