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April 29, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Aruba plans to reopen the island’s borders

During a press conference held on May 8, 2020 the Aruba Minister of Tourism announced that the island is preparing the necessary plans to reopen the country’s borders for inbound travel.

A tentative date for this has been set for July 1, 2020 with a soft opening up to 2 weeks prior to this. This of course depends on several factors and protocol, especially the local situation being fully under control.

Aruba’s local economy will begin reopening for economic activity and with the expectation of being fully operational in the “new normal” by June 15.

Prior to COVID-19 Aruba welcomed almost 20,000 travelers per week, however the current reopening plans will limit these numbers to around just 10% or 2,000 per week. Currently, JetBlue, American Airlines, Spirit, Copa and Avianca Airlines are on board with the reopening plans. Travelers should expect several protocols and measures to be in place by the airlines, but also the airport, hotels in Aruba, restaurants, taxis and car rentals etc. While these may differ, social distancing and cleanliness is of optimum importance as the government’s main goal is to keep everyone on the island safe.

“As you can imagine, this decision does not come without serious consideration as our highest priority is the health and well-being of our people and visitors,” the Aruba Tourism Authority said. “For travelers who already have a trip booked and are concerned restrictions may impact your travel dates, please contact your hotels and airlines directly for an update on their rescheduling policies. We will welcome guests back to our sunny shores as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Aruba is the first Caribbean island to announce a tentative date for the reopening of borders for inbound travel. Will you plan a trip to Aruba? Vacation Deals in scenic Aruba are tempting! Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Lisa says:

    I am scheduled for September 26th….what are your thoughts??

  2. Al says:

    We are booked to return to Aruba July 17-24. We are prepared to accept all precautions put in place to return to our favorite vacation destination.

  3. Holly Kimmey says:

    When Covid-19 hit we rebooked our March vacation for October, but Southwest currently showing zero flights and American & Jet Blue showing only
    18-hour flights to Aruba, our three options from upstate NY. Any idea when the airlines will open up? Otherwise we will have to cancel again.

    • Diane says:

      Think about leaving from JFK or Newark. We drive down and park in a lot nearby. Worth it to go direct.

    • Kim says:

      Southwest cancelled us and stated they don’t plan on going there until 2021. Also from upstate NY. Fly out of Albany

  4. Tracy says:

    We are in England and due to fly out in October to renew our vows. Really hope we can.

  5. 2021, 2026 says:

    How do you propose to allow only a limited number of tourists, say, 2,000 per week, as opposed to the normal 20,000? Thank you.

  6. Kelly says:

    We are booked for mid October and will do all that it takes to return to Aruba One happy island! Stay safe and healthy Aruba😊

  7. Sia Carney says:

    We are booked for June 23rd to July 1st at the Divi Pheonix, Delta notified us the flight home was changed from the 1st to the 2nd. We leave from JFK. Because we are booked through RCI I was told to wait 30 days prior to the trip before making any changes. What are the odds that we will still be able to go. And will everything be up snd running?

  8. Geri Gertler Norcross says:

    Booked for September, but concerned a lot may not be open yet? Waiting for more updates!

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