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December 13, 2010
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Aruba, Not Like Other Caribbean Islands

Even though it is part of the Caribbean, Aruba is quite different from the other islands: we squash some of the myths…

Myth No1: Every island in the Caribbean is tropical

For every palm in Aruba, you will find three cacti, the fact is this island is far more arid than it is humid! White sandy beaches may line its south coast, but rugged cliffs and black pebbles mark the North and its striking red boasts spectacular rock formations – so more like a Far West setting rather your typical Caribbean island!

Myth No2: You’ll get struck by hurricanes

No, you won’t. Aruba is in the heart of the southern Caribbean, just 15 miles from the South American coastline, and it is safely located just outside the hurricane belt.

Myth No3: All you see is high-rise hotels and casinos

Well, you will see some high-rise hotels on Palm Beach, but Aruba is part of the Dutch Caribbean so colonial colourful architecture can be seen all over the island. Many unique small traditional ‘cunucu houses’ have been restored and modernised by their owners.

Myth No4: The only drink here is rum

Not necessarily. Ariba Aruba, the island’s best-known cocktail, is made with rum – but it also includes crème de banana, vodka, Grand Marnier and Coecoei, a crimson liquor unique to Aruba! Alternatively, quench your thirst with an icy bottle of Balashi, Aruba’s very own beer!

Myth No5: No celebrities visit Aruba

Aruba has welcomed over the last few years stars from Sarah Jessica Parker and Alicia Keys to Ben Affleck and Jamie Foxx. Earlier this year Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes held a party on the private Renaissance Island and Richard Gere was the host of the Aruba International Film Festival.

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  1. @marcseyon says:

    Not true on myth #2. Aruba is far enough south that it's rarely hit by hurricanes but that doesn't mean it won't or hasn't happened. Remember Felix in 2007?

    • CaribbeanTL says:

      For the most part, Trinidad & Tobago, Curacao, Aruba & Bonaire are considered \”outside\” of the Hurricane Belt, but sure, hurricanes have passed through and near the islands in rare cases in the past.

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