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6 Things to Do in Antigua & Barbuda

Planning a Caribbean trip to the beautiful islands of Antigua & Barbuda? With 365 spectacular beaches, historical attractions and fun-filled activities on land and at sea, the twin island nation of Antigua & Barbuda is an idyllic paradise that is sure to satisfy all of your travel cravings and help you create an unforgettable Caribbean trip with memories to last a lifetime! Learn more by visiting our Antigua Travel Guide, and in the meanwhile here are 6 things to do when you visit:

There are 365 Beaches to Explore

So many beaches of every size provide a tremendous selection for an island this size. The ivory crescent called Half Moon Bay is a great for snorkeling & windsurfing!

Visit Nelson’s Dockyard

Some islands may offer more attractions, but this still-functioning Georgian-era dockyard is one of the Caribbean’s best examples of historic preservation.

Sailing around Antigua

With several anchorages and tiny islets to explore, Antigua is a major sailing center. The island offers something for everyone.

Visit this Pink Sand Beach

Take a day trip to the neighboring island of Barbuda for a day at the pink sand beach!

Spend some time at English Harbour

This beautifully restored area contains most of the island’s top sites, fine dining and Sunday night parties at the Lookout on Shirley Heights.


Antigua is becoming something of an ecotourism destination, and tours take you to mangrove swamps and coral reefs filled with fascinating creatures.

Have you traveled to Antigua & Barbuda? Let us know about your Caribbean trip experience in the comments section below.

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