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4 Historical Caribbean Attractions

Thanks to the hip hop infused smash Broadway musical that bears his surname, Alexander Hamiluton, America’s first Secretary of the Treasury, is now unofficially the coolest of our Founding Fathers. Thus, his birthplace on the tiny island of Nevis, a two story Georgian style building where Hamilton lived on the island until the age of 9, is getting renewed interest. The building today is known as the Hamilton House and is home to one of the island’s two museums on the first floor. The second floor is the meeting room for the Nevis House of Assembly. The stone building was built around 1680, then destroyed by an earthquake in 1840 and restored in 1983.

Among countless other historical sites in the Caribbean, an educational experience for American travelers include:

  • The George Washington House in Barbados is where the future first president of the United States stayed during a 2 month visit to the island – the only place he ever traveled to outside the United States.
  • Fort Oranje in St Eustatius is where cannons were fired to return the salute fire of the visiting American brig Andre Doria on November 16, 1776. This was the first international acknowledgement of the independence of the United States of America.
  • Romney Manor, found in Basseterre on the island of St Kitts is home to Thomas Jefferson’s great grandfather.

The next time you travel to these Caribbean islands, be sure to check out these sites for a trip back in history.

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