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10 Fantastic Caribbean Tourist Attractions

The Caribbean provides a year-round playground for kids of all ages with its warm weather, pristine beaches and surfeit of sun. But, there is so much more to the region than just fun in the sun — unique cultural, historical, and natural experiences. With so much to see and do, it is tough to narrow the list to just ten. However, some attractions are so popular that they demand to be on the list.

The Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza are among some of the most spectacular in the world and the best in the region. The trip is a short bus ride from Cancun, and the time is well spent in getting to this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Swimming in Barbados with the sea turtles involves snorkeling. It is a spectacular experience to be underwater watching these majestic and peaceful creatures glide by inches from you.

Stingray City is another fun family excursion, in Grand Cayman. A short boat ride to a sandbar brings you into the home of a school of elegant stingrays where you can stand in waist deep water, watching them swim by, sometimes even rubbing their wings on your legs in passing.

Dunn’s River Falls cascade down 600 magnificent feet which visitors to Jamaica can climb.

Cave tubing is a popular adventure tour for people visiting Belize, taking them along a subterranean river through pitch-black caves extending over hundreds of yards,

Shopping is world class in either St. Maarten, or Playa del Carmen, or in Nassau, known for their up-market shopping districts and charming boutiques.

Old San Juan has a great shopping district too, but is better known for its Spanish colonial architecture from its cobbled streets, to the massive forts, statues, parks, fountains, and more.

Climbing to the canopy over the rain forests in Costa Rica is quite an adventure, 100 feet from the ground, and ends with a bungie style jump or a long climb down. Some people turned around and climbed back down rather than try it. We did, we lived through it and we now have yet another great family memory.

Scuba diving and snorkeling adventures abound along the barrier reef around Belize. People visiting the area are sure to find plenty to see on these reefs.

And last, and best know, are the numerous fabulous beaches all over the Caribbean. Almost all of them provide clean white sands, sparkling waters, lots of sun and sand activities, and dining and shopping opportunities a short walk away.

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